Beachbody Results: Shaun T Changed Jose’s Life

Beachbody Results: Shaun T Changed Jose’s Life

Jose S. changed his body and his life with a little help from Shaun T and a lot of determination and hard work!  Check out his amazing 80 lb weight loss and read his story!

“I work as a host of the television shows EP Daily (The Electric Playground) and Reviews on the Run and happen to work in an industry that, to be quite honest, isn’t known to be the healthiest around. That’s right, I talk about and review video games.  While covering video games for the last 10+ years, you quickly realize that fast food is easy food, and event food (sliders) is usually always available.

That lifestyle has definitely taken it’s toll on me and about a little over a year ago, after staying up late every night and watching TV, this same infomercial kept coming on almost every night!  I found myself following Shaun T on Twitter and Instagram and noticed he had mentioned a new type of workout he was planning on releasing soon. FOCUS T25 was only going to be 25 minutes a day for an hours worth of results. 25 minutes?! How is this sorcery possible? What kind of voodoo is this man aware of that the rest of the world isn’t?  I’ll believe it when I see it.

Instead of seeing anything more about Focus T25, I started to see pictures of myself and interviews I was doing on TV. What had I become? When did I let myself get out of hand again? How many chins does one man need?!

Focus T25 showed up on my doorstep the Saturday before the Facebook challenge was set to begin. Talk about perfect timing. I took my measurements, took before pictures posted them to Instagram and started the challenge.

I quickly fell in love with it. I couldn’t wait to get to the next exercise each day.  I can’t tell you how much I love these workouts enough. It’s my addiction. No beer, no sweets, no soda, just tons of water, almond milk, meats, fruits and veggies and I’m seeing results that are out of this world. Since I started the transformation of a lifetime, I have become a new man. I feel great, I look great and dog garnet, people like me.

So here I am, 144 days later and down 82 lbs! I never even imagined this amount of weight loss would be possible, but with proper diet, E&E, R&R, Shakeology and 25 minutes a day of Focus T25, it was even easier than I thought it would be. Just got an email from Beachbody telling me that I won the Beachbody Challenge! Now I’m getting paid to be in shape?! Say what? Who have I become and what happened to that lazy guy who ate until nearly exploding just 5-6 months ago? Oh, he was an 80 lbs growth that I have proceeded to leave in the dust and never turn back for.

I haven’t seen the 220’s since high school…back in the late 90’s!  I’ve seen the infomercials where people say, “I’m in better shape now than I was in high school,” and thought blasphemy! You sir, or ma’am, are lying into the camera.  Well, I guess it is possible! And who knew that if you actually decide and commit, you will indeed succeed!”

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