Sarah H. Lost 38 Pounds in 5 Months

Sarah H. Lost 38 Pounds in 5 Months

Sarah’s Life, Before

“Prior to beginning 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix EXTREME, and 80 Day Obsession, I was uncomfortable in my own skin.

I felt the confidence that I once had begin to dwindle. As a mom of two small children, a wife, a full-time teacher, and a student working toward completing my Master of Education in Counseling, I somehow lost myself in all of the chaos.

I was too tired to get down and play with my children on the floor and was a poor example as I sat on the couch and ate junk food or typed on my computer with a bag of chips or candy in front of me.

On a daily basis, my body ached and I complained of headaches and discomfort. At the heaviest weight I had ever been (apart from being pregnant), I no longer recognized myself in pictures.

This created a sense of frustration and disappointment in myself. How could I let this happen? How did the weight creep on and stay like this?

But the more important question was: What was I willing to do to fix this?

I finally woke up one day and demanded better of myself. I was miserable. I deserved to be happy and confident. My children deserved a healthier, more energetic mom. My entire family deserved more.”

Sarah’s Transformation†

“I loved beginning my journey back to health with 21 Day Fix. I found the program incredibly straightforward with the portion-control containers and food lists.

I quickly learned that there are so many delicious recipes out there that fit within the program. The workouts were challenging but not out of reach for a beginner.

Prior to becoming a mom, I was at the gym five to seven days a week and would spend up to three hours there to maintain my fitness goals.

Now, I find it unbelievable when I look at my new body that I did that in 30 to 60 minutes a day!

I am more fit now than I have ever been. I love that 21 Day Fix EXTREME pushed me to new levels, and then 80 Day Obsession pushed me to that next level. I can’t wait to continue to see how far I can go!

I love the versatility of Beachbody On Demand. I’ve done my workouts in almost every room in my home, depending on where the kids are and what they are up to.

I’ve used it on my phone, iPad, laptop, and Apple TV. I’ve done workouts in a hotel room. I love that I am not limited by a TV and DVD player.

The accountability that my Challenge Group provided was key to my success. Knowing that I had ladies cheering me on and expecting me to check in each night was incredibly valuable on my journey.

If I had a rough day, I was not only letting myself down but the other ladies as well. On the flip side, if I had a rough day, I had a tribe of women ready to pick me back up! I am grateful for the group that I started this journey with.”

Sarah’s Life, After

“Every week I feel stronger and more in control of my life. I can get down on the floor to play with my kids more readily and I am generally a happier person.

I love being able to walk into a store and try on anything and feel good about it.

I have new confidence in life, not only in the way I look, but the way I feel about food. I used to be a stress eater. Whenever anything upset me or excited me, I would eat all the food I could find.

Has my quality of life changed? ABSOLUTELY! My kids ‘know’ Autumn — my four-year-old says her name should be ‘Awesome!’

I am teaching my kids by example just how important it is to be healthy, to take care of your heart and body, and to be fit. I am proud to be their teacher.”


†Results vary depending on starting point and effort. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. The testimonial featured may have used more than one Beachbody product or extended the program to achieve their maximum results.