#Fightforit: What Motivates You to Do CORE DE FORCE?

#Fightforit: What Motivates You to Do CORE DE FORCE?

Recently, we asked CORE DE FORCE users in the FIGHT FOR IT 2017 Facebook group what motivates them to do the workouts, keep doing them, and why they #fightforit every day.

The response was overwhelming: Women and men of all ages, from all walks and stages of life, and all ability levels. Everyone had incredibly inspiring reasons why they’re taking charge of their lives, choosing to be healthy, and making it happen.

The motivations range from setting a good example for their children to wanting to be the best versions of themselves, from recovering from illness/injury to breaking the cycle of bad health and choices.

We wanted to share some of their comments just in case you need a little extra kick in the pants to get started. Now get inspired!

What Motivates You to Do CORE DE FORCE?


“I feel empowered and strong like I can conquer anything.”


My motivation is the feeling I have when I’m done. I feel empowered and strong like I can conquer anything. I want to instill this in my daughter. She motivates me to not stop. The strength I’m receiving is amazing and the energy increase is awesome. I’m doing it to be strong not skinny. To be an excellent role model in my household. This will keep me going! —Jessica L.

What keeps me motivated is the way I feel since starting this program; I have more strength, confidence, and [am] more comfortable in my own skin. This translates into everything I do every day. The badass factor doesn’t hurt either! —Dana S.

My motivation when I don’t feel like working out is remembering how I feel after I finish that workout. I feel proud, excited, and invincible when I finish a hardcore workout after fighting off every excuse my mind had come up with. —Tiffany A.

What keeps me motivated is how much more confident I am after doing the workouts. The confidence translates to my job, my home, my family, and my fitness. I think a lot of women have a hard time with confidence, and this workout makes me feel like a badass superhero. —Chrissy B.

What keeps me going is me. I am “my why.” Working out and doing CORE DE FORCE makes me happy. I am a mom of two little ones and sometimes we as moms (and dads) put our happiness aside for our children because we want them to have the best life we can give them. During those workouts, for that half hour or hour or whatever length of time  I’m doing something for me, something that makes me happy. I’m not a wife or mother. I’m just a woman who’s kicking butt doing something she loves. There’s nothing more empowering and motivating for me than that. —Stefanie S.

What Motivates You to Do CORE DE FORCE?


“I want to be around my kids for a very long time.”


My motivation is keeping myself and my family healthy. I want to be around for my kids for a very long time. Leading by example and pushing play 6/7 days a week is what drives me. New CORE DE FORCE swag helps my motivation factor as well! —Nita W.

Normally, my motivation is simple — my kids, having them tell me they are proud of how far I have come. Today, it was me against me. A total mental struggle day. Today my motivation came from a deeper place, it came from deep in me and my simple will to be a better me. I wanted to give up, I wanted to stop, I wanted to quit. I didn’t. In my post-workout photo, I can see what I felt — I was on the verge of tears. I pushed through the double day — day 23 of the deluxe calendar. I was to the point of tears because I pushed past the pain so many times and I did it ALL FOR ME. I took #fightforit to a new personal level. —Michelle H.

My motivation comes from wanting to be the best version of myself and a positive role model for my kids; they’re active and I want to show them that eating healthy and staying active has positive effects on your body. The workouts keep me motivated because they push me to keep going and I feel amazing once I’m finished. I’ve lost nearly 10lbs just doing the first 21 days of CORE DE FORCE… —Amy S.

What keeps me motivated: my age (68) and my eight grandchildren, the first of whom graduates from high school in a few months. I plan to be around to see all of them graduate and do much more. —Cindy B.

My motivation stems from my desire to be a positive role model for my children. Much like treating people with kindness and then being thrilled to see my daughter hug a sad friend or my son share his toy, I’m also happy when they choose an apple over fruit snacks or water over juice and soda. —Sara P.

What Motivates You to Do CORE DE FORCE?


“Obesity runs in my family. It ends with me!”


Obesity runs in my family. It ends with me! I am literally fighting for my own health, to end the cycle of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. I am setting an example for my three children of how to live a balanced life, making my health and fitness a priority. —Abby B.

My motivation is my survivorship. I’m a 14-year breast cancer survivor. I want to continue to be fit and healthy for my kids and husband. —Donna W.

My motivation is to be proactive in my health and fitness. My daddy recently died suddenly from complications of heart failure and other systemic diseases. I want to be strong and healthy for my family and to carry on his legacy and remember him. —Amber T.

My motivation is to be a good steward of this GIFT called life. I battle an autoimmune disease every day, but I keep it in remission and WIN the fight when I make the decisions to exercise and eat healthy. —Khristina S.

I struggle with anxiety among other things. CORE DE FORCE brings me back down to earth and keeps me grounded. I have a goal, a schedule, something to hold me accountable. I feel balanced. It makes me feel strong. —Barbara C.

These are just a handful of the comments in which people shared their personal struggles, their goals, and their motivations and how CORE DE FORCE with Joel and Jericho is helping them. You ready to #fightforit, too?

*Some comments have been condensed and edited for length.