Beginner’s Guide to Adaptogens

Beginner’s Guide to Adaptogens

Feeling stressed? Wondering if adaptogens can help? You’ve come to the right place!

What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a group of herbs, roots, and mushrooms that have been used in traditional practices for centuries to help the body adapt to the effects of stress.

Adaptogens are plants that have traditionally grown in very harsh, stressful environments, such as in the alpine zone, where few other plants grow.

In order to thrive in those challenging conditions, these plants develop special compounds that help them build up resilience and survive.

The Stress Response

When you become stressed out, your body enters fight or flight mode —  a state of high alert that prepares you for battle.

Your body doesn’t care if you’re stressed about a mountain lion or a big presentation you’re about to give. It responds the same regardless.

Stimulating hormones flood your body, giving you an extra shot of energy and strength.

Because you don’t need to fight or run, the hormones don’t get burned off and your body remains keyed up for much longer.

If something else stresses you out before your body has a chance to recover, your system goes into overdrive.

What Do Adaptogens Do?

The theory of adaptogens is that they act as mini-stressors, in a sense helping to “train” your body to respond to the effects of stress.

Kind of like what exercise does for your muscles.

They’re thought to help prep your body so that you might function better during stressful events.

Check out the infographics we created below to learn more about adaptogens, and some of the best ones to take to help support against stress and fatigue, and promote overall well-being.*

*Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act (DSHEA)

Beginner's Guide to Adaptogens

Beginner's Guide to Adaptogens

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