The Monthly Fix: Game-Changer for Losing Weight

The Monthly Fix: Game-Changer for Losing Weight

Update August 2021: 

The Nutrition+ name will be discontinued and will become part of Beachbody On Demand Interactive (BODi).

BODi will still include the terrific benefits of a Nutrition+ membership which gives you access to new monthly recipes, meal plans, expert advice, and exclusive communities of people like you — but it now has even more amazing features.

BODi will also stream interactive live and on-demand studio classes for all fitness levels, including indoor cycling, barre, cardio/HIIT, core, strength, boot camp, yoga, Pilates, meditation, plus provide exclusive access to the 2B Mindset and Portion Fix nutrition programs. 

Have questions on Nutrition+ or BODi? Go to FAQ 8646 for more information.

We knew it would happen, but even we were blown away by the results — people have been shedding pounds and inches like crazy with Portion Fix.

Understanding how the Portion-Control Containers work can get you the success you’ve been looking for.

Now, we’re about to share the secret to keeping the pounds off for GOOD.

Maybe this has happened to you — you commit to a goal, and then life gets in the way. Despite your best intentions, you lose momentum and quit.

The LAST thing you want to do is give up on all that hard-earned progress you’ve made.

Portion Fix creator Autumn Calabrese has created the ultimate game-changer — a way to stay connected to the program and on track with your progress.

It’s called The Monthly Fix, and it’s your chance to lose weight with Autumn and make the lessons of portion-control work for the long term. “I’m beyond excited to share this with you,” she says.

It gives you 24/7 access to the Portion Fix Exclusive Community with check-ins from Autumn, plus support from other members, so you won’t ever be alone on your weight-loss journey.

There are monthly Q&As, new meal plans, even new FIXATE recipes you’ll get months before everyone else.

“Together we’ll be learning and sharing our best practices so we continue to get the most out of Portion Fix — and I’ll add that I have a few surprises up my sleeve too!”

Autumn shares her strategies for conquering progress-killers throughout the year — like holidays, or parties, or even back-to-school when your house is utter chaos — so that you’re getting practical, usable advice as life is happening.

There’s ongoing content like deep dives into topics including helping kids eat healthy, functional foods, managing your Yellow Containers, and improving your gut health.

Plus, expert interviews on topics like learning to get more out of your day and how sleep impacts weight loss and fun assignments to make it easier to stay on track — especially during challenging times.

As she says, “The whole point of this is to achieve one thing: HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE RESULTS WHILE YOU STILL ENJOY YOUR FOOD AND YOUR LIFE!