Transformation Tuesday: Kim Lost 50.5 Pounds With FOCUS T25!

Transformation Tuesday: Kim Lost 50.5 Pounds With FOCUS T25!

Kim was extremely depressed and unhappy with her weight. She felt like no matter how hard she worked out at the gym, she couldn’t lose the weight. She would cut her food intake drastically and avoided the mirror. After seeing a photo of herself in her bathing suit, she decided to take the leap with Beachbody. She lost 50.5 pounds and 31 inches in 22 weeks with FOCUS T25! Read her amazing story in her own words below:

My favorite thing to do is to be on the water or by the pool, but I started hating it because I was so unhappy with my appearance. On my 31st birthday, my husband asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate. He knows how much I love going on the boat and spending time with him and my friends. However, I was hesitant, because all my friends are small, and I wasn’t. My husband has always been my rock. He loves me no matter what, and told me I need to stop worrying and just enjoy life. So we decided to have all our friends join us on the river for a day of celebrating. The next day I looked at the pictures, and was disgusted by the girl who was staring back at me. Who was she? I mean she looked like me, but I could see the pain in her eyes. She wasn’t the happy person I once knew.

My biggest challenge was self-confidence! I let my weight control my life. I would avoid parties and get-togethers so that I didn’t have to be seen. I felt like I didn’t have time and nothing worked. FOCUS T25 eliminated that excuse because it was only 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

I did one round of Alpha and Beta, two rounds of Gamma, another round of Beta, and a final round of Alpha. I loved Gamma and did 2 rounds because I was seeing such a change in my body. My orinigal goal was to lose 15-20 pounds. I achieved my goals and even surpassed them! I never thought I could get in this great of shape, especially after 2 C-sections and being in my 30s. I lost more than 50 pounds, reduced my body fat, and have energy that never stops. 

I never thought I would say this, I am blown away by the results I got with FOCUS T25!  I couldn’t be happier or more proud of myself or my body. I worked hard for it, and I earned it! I literally melted! If  someone told me that I could lose 50 pounds by working out 25 minutes a night, I would have never believed them. This program is for real. I still get excited when I talk about it! It’s just such an amzing program. 

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