5 Things Only People Who Have Done a Cleanse Know

5 Things Only People Who Have Done a Cleanse Know

When you do a cleanse — whether that means just eating clean or following a program like the Ultimate Reset — you’re likely to feel healthier by the end of it than you did before. But, the journey there isn’t all roses. Well, maybe it is if you were living solely on fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats beforehand… but if you were living the burgers and fries lifestyle? Then not so much.

So, if you’re getting ready to do a cleanse, don’t be scared. Just be prepared.


The 5 Things You’ll Experience Doing a Cleanse

1. You Start off Overconfident

“I can so do this. I’ve run three marathons and done two triathlons so this should be a piece of cake. Well, not cake, since that kind of processed food filled with sugar, refined flour, …all those things I’m trying to cleanse my body of, but you get the picture. It should be easy as pie. Well, not pie… oh, never mind.”


2. You Tell Everyone About it

The more people who know about what you’re doing, the less likely you are to back out. Not that you have any intentions of quitting, because this isn’t too bad. Besides, what else on earth is there to talk about besides the cleanse?


3. Soon You’re Craving Mundane Things..and Not So Mundane Things.

There’s nothing else to talk about because all you can think about is the cleanse. And what you can consume on it. More likely what you can’t consume. And suddenly all those foods you took for granted seem really tantalizing. You promise never to take those foods for granted again.


4. People Question Why You’re Doing It

Everyone is so defensive about you being on a cleanse. Like they take it personally that you aren’t going drinking with them. Or taking a slice of cake. Or ordering the chicken breast instead of the burger. But you know that taking a few weeks to be mindful and break unhealthy habits is worth it.


5. You Finish It and Feel Better Than Ever

For these few days after the cleanse, you have never felt as good in your life. Now to keep up the new good habits!