Raspberry-Filled Cookie Bites

Raspberry-Filled Cookie Bites

When looking for recipes that fit perfectly into the FIXATE healthy meal plan, 21 Day Fix creator Autumn Calabrese her brother, chef Bobby Calabrese seek out recipes that feature healthy ingredients from the outset.

These Raspberry-Filled Cookie Bites are a prime example. Based on the classic French Macaron recipe, these delectable little cookies feature all-natural ingredients and taste like they fell from an idyllic French patisserie.

The traditional recipe begins with egg whites and almond flour which, for a cookie, is a good healthy start!

If you’ve had a look through the many recipes on the Beachbody Blog, you see where we’re going. How can a decadent French cookie be healthy?

Well, the short answer is these cookies are healthier than your average macaron thanks to their tart, simple raspberry filling and the use of honey instead of processed white sugar.

This is where the FIXATE recipe and the traditional version diverge: Autumn and Bobby have chosen to go with an Italian meringue which, unlike a traditional French meringue, is cooked so it allows for the use sweet all-natural honey.

Yes, this alters the recipes usual execution a bit. So if you’re used to the traditional macaron recipe, making these FIX-approved Raspberry-Filled Cookie Bites may take a little getting used to.

But don’t worry: Bobby has all the techniques covered in this episode of FIXATE. If you’ve never made macarons before, this detailed walkthrough is essential.

As Autumn so aptly points out, “The recipe instructions for this look more intimidating than they really are.”

That’s why having this episode of FIXATE on demand is clutch — watching Autumn and Bobby move through the stages of the recipe is an ideal way to learn the proper technique and execution.

This recipe makes 18 impressive little cookies that no one will ever know are healthier than the average cookie!

To get the recipe and find out the Portion Fix Containers and nutritional information, watch the FIXATE episode on Beachbody On Demand!