Transformation Tuesday: Michael Lost 15 Pounds With P90X2!

Transformation Tuesday: Michael Lost 15 Pounds With P90X2!

Michael was embarrassed to take his shirt off in public and avoided the pool and the beach because of it. He wanted to be proud of his body and see some abs. After seeing an infomercial, he decided to try P90X2 and saw some amazing results! He lost 15 pounds and 8 inches after just one round. Read about his experience in his own words here:

“I was always embarrassed to take my shirt off in public. I never wanted to go to the beach for pool parties, and I was depressed over it. I ate junk food all the time, so I didn’t look like any athlete. One day I saw the P90X2 infomercials with their before and after photos, and I decided I would commit to doing the whole program. I wanted to lose my gut and get some abs. Mostly, I just wanted to not be ashamed to take off my shirt in public.

I loved how all the workouts were so different from each other, and you were constantly having to stabilize your body during exercises. I saw huge improvements! I doubled the amount of pull-ups, push-ups, and in and outs I could do! Throughout it all, Tony was hilarious.

I saw amazing results! These were the best results I ever got from any workout or nutrition program ever! I finally saw abs and some bicep veins, and I now get out to the beach and work out more. Plus, I ran my first marathon!

I feel like P90X2 gave me a new life! I feel happier, healthier, and more energetic. I now crave working out and being active, and I love sweating and doing things outdoors. I also can take my shirt off whenever I want and people stare in a good way! Thank you, Tony Horton!”

†Results vary depending on starting point and effort.

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