P90X Results: Jeremy F. Lost 101 Pounds in 10 Months

P90X Results: Jeremy F. Lost 101 Pounds in 10 Months

In January of 2016, Jeremy weighed more than 340 pounds and got winded just walking up and down stairs. The turning point was seeing himself dancing on a big-screen TV.

That was the moment he decided to turn his life around. Jeremy set a goal and with P90X and Beachbody On Demand, he absolutely crushed it: He lost 101 pounds in 10 months (and then lost six more!) — and has kept it off.

Here is his story:

Jeremy’s Life, Before

My biggest challenge was starting from a morbidly obese state. I was starting at zero.

I worked an office job and came home and did nothing but sit on the couch. My first weigh-in showed me at an embarrassing 340.3 pounds.

I didn’t pay any attention to what I ate, as long as it tasted good. I had a very stressful job and I dealt with the stress by eating. Every picture and every video brought shame and often made me cry. I’ve never been so embarrassed by my body.

Then I saw a video of myself dancing at Christmas of 2015. My sister took a cellphone video and beamed it to the big-screen HDTV. I had never been more ashamed of myself than I was at that exact moment. That was the life-changing moment I decided to order P90X.

The Challenge

 Many moves were impossible at my size and fitness level. I couldn’t go more than six minutes without being utterly exhausted. But I loved the encouraging words of “keep pushing play,” and “do your best and forget the rest.”

I did stumble, I did fall, but I just kept showing up and improving every single week. I actually hit my goal (101 pounds lost!) in 10 months, and I’ve lost six more pounds since then.

I liked that it [P90X] was so intense and effective. I also liked the variety that P90X offers. I had seen all the success videos and transformations. I knew I was diving in head first into a truly daunting program, but I used that to motivate me.

I’m also super proud of some of the yoga moves I can now do. Starting out, I thought yoga might be a lost cause for me. I tumbled and I fell, but I keep getting better every single week.

Jeremy’s Life, Now

I officially started on January 8, 2016. I crushed my goal of losing two pounds per week. I actually hit that goal (101 pounds) in 10 months, and I’ve lost six more pounds since then.

My life has changed so much for the better, and everyone around me can see it. I am just full of energy and have so much more confidence. I look and feel like a whole new person after losing over 100 pounds! Exercise is now a reward. Hiking is actually fun now that I’m over 100 pounds slimmer.

I love that Beachbody On Demand is accessible anywhere at any time. Wherever I am, it can be time to work out.

See Jeremy’s amazing weight-loss results!

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