It’s Time To Embrace Your Health Esteem

It’s Time To Embrace Your Health Esteem

It’s time to evolve, with a singular primary goal: Help you, love you.

For 24 years I thought progress STARTED with identifying what you wanted to improve about yourself. I was wrong. Progress starts with the commitment to love yourself, unconditionally.

And when you make that commitment, every workout, every meal, every dessert is in service of that commitment to love yourself and love your life — on your terms.

Sounds woke. It’s actually just humane.

Health Esteem is a new category of wellness that rejects the comparisons, judgment, leaderboards, and permanent dissatisfaction that require either hating yourself or hating wellness. As if you couldn’t love both.

Health Esteem celebrates how fun life can be. How good it feels to be healthy. How fun it feels to pursue goals — but without being at war with yourself.

The goals can be the same as before. What’s different is the mindset. This is the sustainable, long-term approach to a healthy fulfilling life that coexists with the ups and downs of real life.

And we do it together.

When you’re surrounded by people who put positive mindset first and who give everyone the freedom to be themselves, fitness and nutrition stop being a lonely pursuit of perfection and instead become a lifestyle with a bunch of friends supporting each other to be happier through all phases of the journey.

Now tens of million of people will feel welcome to step into a healthy lifestyle that used to seem exclusive to “those health and fitness people.” A healthy, fulfilling life is now accessible to everybody, and every body.

The new BODi launches Thursday March 2nd — the world’s first Health Esteem platform.

Celebrate with us at the BODi Champagne Gala March 4th at 7 p.m. ET on @Bodi.


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