How to Master the 6 Most Fun Moves in Country Heat

How to Master the 6 Most Fun Moves in Country Heat

When it comes to workout motivation, the science is unequivocal: “Studies show that if you’re doing something you love, and you see results, you’re more likely to keep doing it,” says Autumn Calabrese, creator of the country-dance inspired workout program, Country Heat. ”

That’s what makes Country Heat so effective—who doesn’t love dancing? And when you see how much weight you’re losing by doing the workouts and following the nutrition plan, there will be no stopping you.”

In short, Country Heat uses fun as a powerful transformation tool that will help you get results, and the moves that follow are six of Calabrese’s favorites.

“They will give you a taste of what you’ll find in the complete program,” says Calabrese. “You’ll be enjoying yourself so much, you won’t even realize how hard you’re working or how many calories you’re burning.”

Check out our complete guide to Country Heat that will answer all your questions about how the program can help you transform your body.

6 of the Best Moves from Country Heat

Ride The Horse

Country Heat - Ride the Horse

“This is a fun move that starts easy but ends with your heart pumping and your legs burning,” says Calabrese.

How to do it: Spread your feet wide, raise your right arm above your head, and hold your left arm out straight in front of your chest.

Now alternately lift one foot off the floor as you swing your right arm like your twirling a lasso.

Jump Low

Country Heat - Jump Low

“I love how much this move works your legs and butt,” says Calabrese.”It’s not hard, but it’s incredibly effective.”

How to do it: Stand with your feet together and your hands by your sides. Hop up and rotate left. When you land, immediately drop into a half squat and bring your hands together in front of your chest.

Jump up and spread your legs in the air, landing with your arms by your sides and your left heel forward and the ball of your right foot back. Jump up again, bringing your feet and hands back together, and dropping into a half squat when you land.

Repeat three times total, and then repeat to your right, moving your right foot forward each time you jump into a staggered stance.

Rocking Guitar

Country Heat - Rocking Guitar

“This move is super-high energy,” says Calabrese.”I love that it’s simple to do and brings the heart rate up to burn calories.”

How to do it: Position your hands like you’re playing the air guitar, working the fretboard with your left and strumming with your right

Now turn to your left and hop to the right four times on your left foot as you kick forward with your right foot.

Switch hand positions and hop left four times on your right foot while kicking forward with your left foot.

Pancake Flip

Country Heat - Pancake Flip

“This move brings in the tiniest bit of hip-hop flair to the workout,” says Calabrese.”Just try not to have fun while doing it — you won’t be able to.”

How to do it: Take a big step to your left with your left foot, and pump both arms twice like you’re flipping pancakes.

Take a big step to your right with your right foot, and flip those pancakes two more times. Now take four small steps back, starting with your left foot.

With each step, “flip a pancake” with the opposite arm.

Under The Table

Country Heat - Under the Table

“This move is deceptively hard,” says Calabrese. “It looks like it should be easy, but boy does it work your legs.”

How to do it: From a standing position, take a big step to your left and descend into a squat, lowering your torso down and up in an arc from right to left (like you’re ducking under a table).

Reverse the movement to return to a standing position, and then scoot your feet three times to your left, and three times back to your right.

Wonky Feet

Country Heat - Wonky Feet

“This is my favorite fun move,” says Calabrese. “It’s carefree, and reminds of being a kid, bouncing around and being silly.”

How to do it: From a standing position, take three small steps forward on your toes, starting with your left foot. Pump your heels inward once after each of the first two steps, and twice after the third step. Now take three steps back, pumping your heels in the same way.

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