INSANITY’s 5 Meals Have Only 300 Calories Each. Isn’t That Low?

INSANITY’s 5 Meals Have Only 300 Calories Each. Isn’t That Low?

Q: INSANITY’s 5 meals have only 300 calories each. Isn’t that low?

A: The INSANITY diet is very restrictive and not meant to be done for a long time (it’s a two-month plan). It was set up for weight loss for our test group, who all began with some weight to lose. Anyone coming off of P90X or something similar should alter the diet to suit their needs because their body composition-for the most part-will be far more athletic at the beginning.

We’ve left the “additional food” section open ended for just this reason. However, once someone has gone through rounds of X or equivalent they are generally at a point where they’ll do their own dietary calculations anyway.

When you look at the P90X diet you see a plan that’s designed to teach you how to eat for athletics. It varies over time, attempting to follow the changes in your body composition. Once you graduate the P90X, there should not be much need for outside diet plans, unless they’re for variety. You could use the Insanity diet for this, but alter your calories towards your own goals and using what you’re already learned.

Keep in mind that matter what diet you choose, at the highest levels of performance you always have to do your own trial and error. There is no one diet right for everyone. Nowhere is this as apparent as during athletic endeavors. By making tweaks to our diet we will always find individual differences in the ways certain foods affect us. I don’t know any two athletes that eat the same way, exactly. There are some large-scale brush strokes that are nutritionally similar, after which it becomes individual.