How to Find More Ease in the Everyday

How to Find More Ease in the Everyday

Hello again. I’ve been receiving many questions regarding the difference between ease and easy in our lives, so I’d like to take some time to talk about the difference, because I think the difference is crucial and I would have liked to have known it earlier in my life.

Let me begin with an example that I believe will illustrate the difference. On the day I filmed the video below, my husband, son, and I were supposed to go to a play. But I’ve been very tired because I’ve been extending myself too much. My husband sweetly offered to let me stay home and relax while they were gone. Easy, right?

But, I felt uncomfortable. I felt guilty and I wanted to be with them and so I took the ease out of the situation. I think I even made them late for the play because it felt so challenging for me! Even though this was the perfect situation for me to take care of myself, doing so felt selfish because I decided to believe I was not worthy of making time for myself.

But, I’m learning.

Often, situations are just situations. And so often we add judgment or guilt or shame or low self-worth to them and make them so much more challenging. Have you been in a similar situation like I was that morning? Have you made a situation more challenging than it has to be at home or at work or with friends?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Often challenges come from the outside — a difficult situation, our bosses, our coworkers, the economy — and these do make things difficult. But, we can add so much more hardship by complaining or pointing the finger and focusing on the difficulties of that situation.

Instead, by simply looking at the situation and showing up to it as best as we can, with as much consciousness as we can in that moment, we help ourselves by not making the situation more than what it is. It doesn’t change the fact that the world brought a situation that brings some complications, but bringing as much peace and calm and clarity as we can to the situation allows us to have less stress in our day to day and show up in a better way for ourselves and others.

Those are my thoughts today. I hope they help!

P.S. They had a great time together!