Drumstick Dash 2019: Running for a Cause

Drumstick Dash 2019: Running for a Cause

“Move your feet so others can eat.”

That’s the Drumstick Dash slogan and a mission statement Team Beachbody takes to heart, especially during the giving season.

Beachbody is an ongoing sponsor of Hope of the Valley, which strives to prevent and reduce poverty, hunger, and homelessness.

This year, Beachbody helped Hope of the Valley rescue mission raise over $200,000 from its Thanksgiving Day fun run!

The money raised at Drumstick Dash, which includes $32,000 in Beachbody Foundation contributions, will provide an estimated 100,000 meals to the hungry and hurting in Los Angeles.

Drumstick Dash is one of the most important fundraisers for HOTV and the thousands who rely on the rescue mission for food and shelter.

This year, the entire Beachbody On Demand team turned out in force to help make the family-friendly event a success, including Beachbody Super Trainers Elise Joan, creator of Barre Blend, and Joel Freeman, creator of LIIFT 4 and 10 Rounds.

More than 3,500 runners took part in the 5K, 10K and Lil Gobblers race, making Drumstick Dash the largest Thanksgiving run in Los Angeles!

You can donate to Hope of the Valley, which provides shelter, meals, hot showers, and health services year-round, or come join us at the starting line next year.

Visit www.hopeofthevalley.org to support Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission and help prevent, reduce and eliminate poverty, hunger, and homelessness​.

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