Transformation Tuesday: Chris Lost 8.5 Pounds With Body Beast!

Transformation Tuesday: Chris Lost 8.5 Pounds With Body Beast!

Chris felt that he was in decent shape, but he wanted more noticeable muscle mass to bring his body to the next level. He decided to try Body Beast and saw some great success! He lost 8.5 pounds in 90 days, and he now has the definition he was looking for. Read about his experience below:

“I felt good about my overall fitness, but I was frustrated in my lack of muscle mass. I wanted to add some muscle and improve my overall strength.

Since starting Body Beast, I have seen a noticeable gain in my chest, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. My ab definition has improved as well. Sagi was an excellent trainer! I really appreciated his focus on proper form first.

I loved the upper body phase workouts. The layout of the training was perfect as it kept me engaged throughout the workout but left my [body] burning by the end. Now I feel like I can go swimming, kayaking, and biking, and I can play with my beautiful three-year-old daughter!

After the program, I feel accomplished! Completing the workout was often difficult, but I put in the work, and the program worked for me! The results are evident. Beachbody and Body Beast have helped me to get in better shape at 33 years old than I have ever been.”

†Results vary depending on starting point and effort.

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