The Best Stretches for Every Part of Your Body

The Best Stretches for Every Part of Your Body

Stretching is underrated. Sure, it may not torch calories or build muscle — but a good stretch can benefit your fitness routine in so many ways.

Stretching can improve mobility and flexibility, prepare your muscles for exercise, help with recovery after a workout, and reduce your risk of injury.

And stretching is just as important on those days when you’re stuck at your desk and you’ve barely moved a muscle.

Frequent stretch breaks can help to relieve the tight muscles and stiff joints caused by too much sitting.

The more variety you include in your stretching routine, the better.

So we’ve compiled a list of some of the best stretches for every muscle group to help you reap the benefits of stretching — from head to toe.

Leg and Hip Stretches

Woman doing walking lunges at home

Whether you’re dealing with sore glutes from too many goblet squats or tight hips from too many hours in your office chair, these are the best hip and leg stretches to help your lower body feel more limber.

Lower Back Stretches

Woman practicing downward facing dog yoga at home

If your back is achy after a long workday, a tough workout, or a weird night’s sleep, these lower back stretches can provide some much-needed relief.

Triceps, Chest, and Upper Body Stretches

Best Stretching Exercises for Everyday Flexibility

Upper body stretches can help to ease sore muscles and improve your range of motion.

And if you spend a lot of time hunched over your laptop in virtual meetings, stretching your neck, chest, and shoulders can help relieve muscle tension in those areas.