Joseph Lost 111 Pounds in 11 Months — at Age 65

Joseph Lost 111 Pounds in 11 Months — at Age 65

Some people use retirement to relax and kick back.

Joseph used his free time to reassess things and make real, lasting changes. With the help of 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix EXTREME, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, and Body Beast, he totally transformed his body and lifestyle.

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Joseph’s Life, Before

“I have been sedentary since I retired several years ago. I hated the way I looked and how my clothes fit.

My diet was terrible. I was depressed and my self-esteem was the lowest it had ever been. I was tired of having to buy XXL clothes.

My wife started doing 21 Day Fix and drinking Shakeology. I saw how dedicated she was. Her whole outlook on life changed.

I saw the amazing changes she was making cooking and eating healthy. I felt if she could do it I could, too.

My greatest challenge was just getting up and pushing play. But I made the decision to change my lifestyle by eating healthy and working out every day — whether I wanted to or not.”

Joseph’s Transformation

“I liked that both Sagi and Autumn pushed me to do better. It made me work muscles I forgot I had!

I have participated in four or five Beachbody Groups. They keep me motivated and provide support and encouragement to stay on track.

If I do slip, which we all do at times, they encourage me to continue forward. I made new friends in the Challenge Groups and there’s a lot of interaction and positivity.

Now, I have a specific time each day that I do my workout, and I get my delicious Shakeology afterward.

I absolutely love Beachbody On Demand. I use it every day. I can continue to do my workouts no matter where I am — at home, on vacation, and even on cruises, I have my workouts available to stream on any device I have with me.”

Joseph’s Life, After

“I went from 269 pounds to 158 pounds in 11 months. That’s a 111-pound weight loss!

I haven’t looked or felt this good since middle school!

I can now shop for clothes in a size medium and not XXL. But most of all, I am proud that I’m 65, and I did this. It was hard work, but as you can see, it was very worth it.

I make healthier food choices when we eat out. I have completely changed my lifestyle. And I love the healthier and more fit person I have become.”

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