Elba C. Lost 47 Pounds in 18 Months

Elba C. Lost 47 Pounds in 18 Months

Help us give a BIG congratulations to our eight amazing Beachbody Challenge winners! Not only did they transform their bodies and start living their best lives, but they also won a $500 prize from the Beachbody Challenge contest.

Every month, we’ll announce eight new $500 winners who will advance to the next round of the competition as they continue their quest for the $100,000 grand prize in 2021.

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Elba’s Life, Before

“When I looked in the mirror, the woman I saw was not me, those 262 pounds were not ME.

I didn’t like taking pictures because I felt shame. I cried every time I tried to buy clothes; I felt like I was in a prison.

I was inspired to start my journey by the desire to improve my health and my physical appearance.”

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Elba’s Beachbody Transformation

“I used to wear 5XL pants and now I’m in XL. My family says that I look younger and that my mood has changed a lot because before I didn’t smile, I looked (and was) sad.

I loved that I didn’t have to be tied to a schedule, I could do my workouts in the morning or late at night, anytime I wanted. The nutrition plan was very easy to follow.

I drank Shakeology; it helped me control the cravings of sweets or cravings between meals.

I really liked how accessible Beachbody On Demand is. No matter where I was, I simply connected to the Internet and did my workouts. I had no excuse to stop doing my workouts.”

Elba’s Life After

“I still have to reach my goal and I know that I will achieve it. I thank God that I discovered Beachbody because it has changed me both physically and mentally.

The woman I really am is emerging and those who know me notice.”

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