5 Tips to Control Your Wine Consumption

5 Tips to Control Your Wine Consumption

One serving of wine is 5 ounces and about 120 calories. But, you might be pouring more than you think!

A study from researchers at Iowa State and Cornell universities found that participants poured 12% more wine into wide-mouthed glasses and less into taller, narrower glasses.

The wine’s color also influenced how much the participants poured. They poured 10% more white wine into a clear glass, and over-poured with red, but less. In addition, the researchers found that participants had more difficulty measuring how much to pour if the glass already had wine in it rather than being empty.

To pour less, we recommend:
– Before you drink, measure! If you know what 5 ounces looks like in the glasses you usually drink from, you’ll do a better job at eyeballing it later.
– Setting the glass down before you pour.
– Pouring into taller, narrow glasses.
– Stick with red (plus, there are more antioxidants in red!)
– Finish your glass before going for a second.

Do you ever over-pour?