Transformation Tuesday: Abigail Lost 13 Pounds with 22 Minute Hard Corps!

Transformation Tuesday: Abigail Lost 13 Pounds with 22 Minute Hard Corps!

Abigail was out of shape with her self-esteem at an all-time low. She needed a program that would fit into her busy schedule, and she found that in 22 Minute Hard Corps. In 8 weeks, she lost 13 pounds! Here’s how she did it, in her own words:

“Before starting 22 Minute Hard Corps, I was undoubtedly in the absolute worst shape of my life. I was overweight, and I struggled greatly with my self-esteem. This was honestly the first year I’ve set serious New Year’s resolutions for myself. I knew that I needed a disciplined program that would keep me pushing through, and thankfully I was able to find that and more through 22 Minute Hard Corps.

I never took any more than a one-day break. Sometimes, I would come home exhausted and weak from work, but I would never miss more than a day consecutively. I followed the meal plan provided to me the best I could. I committed myself to eating healthier. Occasionally I would go for a run before my workout.

The momentum of this entire program is so unbelievably fluid. The first move of every workout got my body warm and my heart pumping. My body had progressively begun to move faster after each round, so by the end of the workout, it was moving at top speed! My mind was so focused on completing each rep, and I highly contribute that to the velocity of this program.

I would not have survived without help from the modifier! The modifier offered me an alternative to falling flat on my face and throwing a perfectly good rep away. Instead of giving up, I was able to keep up with the Vets by completing certain moves through modification.

While all of the guides proved to be extremely helpful, the Ration for Results Nutrition Field Guide played a MAJOR role in my weight loss journey. Eating healthy was my biggest issue before I started the program. I had no idea how to diet or meal prep. By following the meal plan provided to me by Beachbody, I inherited some very disciplined eating habits that I will continue to carry with my along my fitness journey.

When I found out this program was only 22 minutes I knew that it had to be an extremely intense workout, and I most definitely was not wrong about that. Your body undergoes a complete 360 degree workout that usually takes an average person about an hour or so to do. All parts of your body are constantly at work and are being challenged throughout this regiment.

Unfortunately, I have never been a member of the military, but I am so thankful for the Veterans who participated in 22 Minute Hard Corps. They have already done so much for this country, and now they are helping people, like myself, find a healthier lifestyle! God bless them!

The energy, by far, is my favorite aspect of 22 Minute Hard Corps. There is never a dull moment in any of the workout routines. Tony and the Vets are so pumped up all the time which is so motivating to the viewer. If you keep up with the Veterans not only by completing each rep but by matching their level of energy, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you finish your 22-minute workout.

I lost 4 pounds within the first week of the program. Then, I noticed that my slacks were beginning to fit loosely (keep in mind that these pants were extremely fitted to my body before). I saw a tremendous difference in my torso by the end of the program. I can finally see my curves again! Aside from physical results, I immediately started to feel better about myself when I started working out and eating healthier not necessarily because I noticed a drastic difference, but because I knew I was making better choices for my well-being.

My entire family has been really supportive throughout my fitness journey, and they are as excited about my results as I am! It’s so refreshing when others take notice of your hard work. I have recently run into friends and former co-workers I hadn’t seen in a long time, and they all tell me how fit I look! It’s so humbling especially since ‘fit’ would never be a word I used to describe myself in the past.

Although I am not yet where I want to be as far as weight goes, I feel so much more empowered. I am way happier than I was before, and my self-confidence has sky rocketed. My endurance was non-existent before this program. I couldn’t even run down the street without having to catch my breath. Now, I am able to last throughout the strenuous workouts that 22 Minute Hard Corps consists of. I am still my harshest critic, but that’s only because I know I haven’t reached my highest potential. Thanks to 22 Minute Hard Corps, I am so much closer to achieving my health goals!”

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