16 Ways to Live a Healthy Life

16 Ways to Live a Healthy Life

Dogs are great companions and they even help us to enjoy healthier lives. Studies show that dog owners get far more exercise than people without dogs. Also, dogs can keep you calm in times of stress and who doesn’t love to see their tails wagging as soon as we walk through the door!

Steve Edwards has two adorable pups, Finn and Iris, so here they are to share their tips on how to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

You’ve got to get outside
19 Ways to Live a Healthy Life


And explore what’s around you.
19 Ways to Live a Healthy Life


There’s always time to smile.


Recovery time is important.


Sometimes you’ll mess up, but that’s OK!


The cold is fun — just dress appropriately for it.


It’s important to get away from the city and breathe the fresh air


Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty.


Or miss an opportunity to play.


Sometimes it’s important to stop and smell the flowers.


And let your silly side shine.


Workout buddies can help motivate you.


Because at least one of them is going to be up for an adventure.


And help you take yourself further than you ever thought possible.


Make sure to get lots of rest!


And feel proud of yourself for all that you’ve accomplished!


Do you have a favorite dog? Post a photo of yourself with them in the comments below!