Transformation Tuesday: Emily Lost 12 Pounds With Ultimate Reset!

Transformation Tuesday: Emily Lost 12 Pounds With Ultimate Reset!

Grief-stricken after two consecutive miscarriages, Emily turned to food for comfort. She realized that she needed to gain more control over her life and her bad habits, so she decided to try Ultimate Reset. She lost 12 pounds and 10.5 inches in just 21 days, and she gained so much more from her experience. Read about her healing experience below:

“I felt terrible about myself and my body. After having two consecutive miscarriages within three months of each other, I was depressed. I was apathetic about my eating habits and let my health slip to the wayside. In an effort to move forward with my life and help my body heal itself, I became inspired to try Ultimate Reset.

I loved that the program included the handbook that was so comprehensive. Each week was laid out for what supplements to take, what food to eat, and there were recipes. There were even printable grocery lists to take to the store with me! As long as I had the will, Ultimate Reset had all the answers for me.

My favorite supplements were Detox and Revitalize. Detox was a gentle supplement that really helped my GI tract. Revitalize really helped restore the healthy flora to my digestive tract, and for the first time since I can remember, I felt regular.

After Ultimate Reset, I’ve trained my body to use food as fuel and not as an emotional coping mechanism. I am so proud of that because it was my biggest struggle prior to starting. Not only do my clothes now fit better, but I feel more confident, and my body feels clean from the inside out. I feel that I am stronger in character as well.

Ultimate Reset has transformed every aspect of me. I lost weight and inches as well as toxins from my body. I gained confidence and energy, and my digestion has been regulated. My mind feels clear, and I now have the will to make great choices for my health and nutrition. After the tragedies of my previous miscarriages, I felt so out of control and detached from myself. Ultimate Reset provided me with the tools to not only take control of my health but to also focus on the spiritual healing process on the inside that was very therapeutic. It changed my lifestyle habits. Ultimate Reset pushed me to become better and rise above my circumstances, and because of this, I have hope and joy in my life again. Nothing could be better.”

†Results vary depending on starting point and effort.

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