Transformation Tuesday: Tim Lost 158 Pounds With P90X3!

Transformation Tuesday: Tim Lost 158 Pounds With P90X3!

#TransformationTuesday Timothy M. was tired of struggling with his weight and being embarrassed by his body. He decided to commit to Beachbody and P90X3. He completed 3 rounds and lost 158 pounds and 22 inches in just 8 months! Read his amazing story in his own words below:

As a kid, I was always overweight, eating whatever I wanted. I wasn’t very active. I had horrible allergies and asthma so when I did try to do something, I hated it. I was always the big guy and I just accepted that’s who I was. I never liked fitness, and even in high school when playing football I always felt I was being judged on the field and in the weight room, so I never stuck with it.

By the time I was 19, I was almost 330 lbs, I smoked cigarettes, and I often used alcohol to feel better. I used food as a way to cope with things, and I was eating whatever I wanted and getting no type of exercise. One night after work,  I saw the a Beachbody commercial. The next day I logged onto to find there was a new program called P90X3 that was only 30 minutes. I decided to start there because 30 minutes would be much easier to stick with.

The day I started the program, I was very clumsy and a lot of the moves were very new and very hard. I had to modify a lot of the moves, which helped me to get through the program. After just a few weeks I started to see great results. I was losing weight, but even more importantly, I was feeling so much better. I started enjoying each day more and more, and I started to look forward to my workouts.

After the first round I had gotten down to 255 lbs – which is crazy in 90 days and only 30 minutes a day! I started to really get into fitness and nutrition and I wanted to learn more. I kept pushing through and from then on it became a lifestyle change. After the second round of

After the second round of P90X3 I had gotten down to 210 lbs! Over 100 lbs lost in under half a year. I was now able to start keeping up with the program, which made me feel great about myself. I was no longer having to modify moves and my results kept coming. After I finished the third round, I was at 175 pounds. I then purchased the 3 extra P90X3 DVDs and did the Elite Blocks. Needless to say, it kicked my butt…in a good way! I lost even more fat and my athleticism went to heights I never knew possible.

Today I am no longer the big guy. I refuse to accept that as who I am. I am now the confident, athletic, motivated young man who has big plans for himself. P90X3 has completely changed me, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am now going to school to try and pursue a career in the physical fitness world and combining that with the opportunity of Beachbody Coaching. I have Beachbody to thank for this wonderful transformation and, of course, the man himself, Tony Horton, for inspiring me to keep pushing play every day.

After all his hard work and dedication, Timothy won $1,000 in the monthly Beachbody Challenge! Way to go, Tim!

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