Top 10 Health and Fitness Questions Answered

Top 10 Health and Fitness Questions Answered

Diving into a healthy and fit lifestyle doesn’t need to be complicated. Find the answers to your questions and get advice from our Beachbody experts in our new BOD Community: a place where you can browse hundreds of topics, share recipes, meal prep ideas and sweaty selfies, find out about our programs and products, and so much more. Below are the top 10 health and fitness questions being asked in the BOD Community right now, along with answers from Beachbody experts. Can you relate to any of these? Either way, we welcome you to join the conversation.

1. I can’t do a single pull-up. How can I change that?

Start with negatives. If you belong to a gym with a fixed chin-up bar, stand under the bar, and then jump up and grab it, using momentum to help pull your body to the top position … read more.

2. My workout calendar includes a day off each week. Do I have to take it?

You are encouraged to take those days off, as they will help you maximize your gains from the program. Here’s the reason: In order for you to build strength, power, and athleticism … head to the boards for the full answer.

3. I’m 40 lbs. overweight, and feel it in my knees. What program should I do?

Given your current fitness level and joint issue, I’d start with PiYo. It’s a beginner to intermediate level program that will be easy on your joints while helping you burn fat and build mobility and strength. … find out more about low-impact solutions.

4. Doing dips on a bench or chair hurts my shoulders. Can you suggest a substitution?

If bench/chair dips hurt your shoulders, swap them for the triceps push-up. Head to the boards for more.

5. I run, bike, or swim several days a week. I’d like to add a few Beachbody workouts to the mix. Which ones do you recommend for gaining strength?

Sounds like you’ve established a strong fitness foundation, and I applaud your desire to build on it. I hesitate to recommend individual workouts from specific programs, because they aren’t designed to work that way. Our programs are designed so that each workout builds on the one before … get the full answer.

6. How do I eat to gain muscle for a small female?

A great way to address both muscle gains and nutrition goals using Beachbody would be doing either Body Beast or Master’s Hammer and Chisel. Both of those programs have extremely detailed, targeted nutrition plans specifically designed to help build muscle mass and/or lean out, depending on your individual goals. Find out more.

7. How bad is it if you go over on healthy fats if you’re following the Portion Fix Eating Plan?

To maximize your results, sticking as close as possible to the containers outlined in your calorie bracket is definitely the recommended way to go, keeping your overall daily nutrition and macros balanced in order to hit your health and fitness goals. See what else our expert recommends.

8. Is creatine safe for women?

Creatine is one of the safest sports nutrition supplements you can buy, regardless of whether you’re male or female (as with any supplement, consult your doctor first). Learn more about the benefits of creatine.

9. I tried INSANITY, but found it too challenging. Plus, I have achy knees, so I need something that’s lower impact. Any suggestions?

Check out PiYo. It’s low impact, and emphasizes mobility while building total body strength and power. Once you complete that program, I recommend … visit the boards for more.

10. I’m halfway through Body Beast. I’m definitely stronger, and look slimmer in the mirror (I think!), but the scale hasn’t budged. What gives?

When doing a strength-building program like Body Beast, the mirror can be a much more accurate tool for gauging progress than the scale, because muscle weighs more than fat by volume. Learn more.