Candice B. Lost 189 Pounds in 2.3 Years

Candice B. Lost 189 Pounds in 2.3 Years

Before Candice made the decision to take control of her health and her life, she felt “trapped in an unhappy and unhealthy body.”

But she committed to making positive changes and pushed herself to complete several Beachbody programs, including FOCUS T25, 21 Day Fix, and CORE DE FORCE.

And her hard work paid off in spades: Candice lost an incredible 189 pounds, but more importantly, she feels healthy, strong, and confident.

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Candice’s Life, Before

“Before I started Beachbody programs, my life was a blur. I lived in constant worry about my health. I knew my weight had spiraled out of control but did not know how to change.

I lived in fear that I would break a chair, that I smelled bad, that people would not accept me in my career for the way I looked. Walking up a flight of stairs caused me to lose my breath and pour sweat. I was tired all day long.

Mentally, I was disconnected from my own body. I was unhappy in all aspects of life and remedied my unhappiness with food and unhealthy habits. I never received a good night’s rest because it was hard to breathe lying down.

I put my love for travel on hold because I couldn’t fit in an airplane seat. I wasn’t living, only existing trapped in an unhappy and unhealthy body.

I was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding. I ordered the biggest dress available, size 24 — and it didn’t fit.

The seamstress ordered extra material and applied it to the sides, but it looked awful. The photographer was taking photos and I felt so much stress about the way I looked.

The next week, I joined a gym. I overheard a guy at the gym making fun of me to his friend and I was mortified.”

Candice Lost 189 pounds in 2.3 years

Candice’s Transformation

“I needed more help than the gym could provide so I ordered my first Beachbody program — FOCUS T25 with Shaun T. I loved it! I felt like I had my own personal trainer right in my home.

I’ve completed FOCUS T25, 21 Day Fix, CORE DE FORCE, and The Master’s Hammer and Chisel. I continue to see results and stay motivated with these programs.

The biggest challenge was finding the time to work out. I work and am also a full-time graduate student.

With Beachbody, I could do my workouts every single day in my own home when the time was convenient for me. I had no clue what I needed to do to see results. The videos explained each workout so well; I was never confused or discouraged.

I feel like I’m getting one-on-one personal training and encouragement not to give up. The Super Trainers push me to my limit and explain how to get the best results possible.”

Candice’s Life, After

“Since starting Beachbody programs, I have lost 189 pounds!

I started at a size 26 pants and 2X shirt and am now a size 6 pants and a medium shirt. I feel so strong now and love how much weight I can lift.

My endurance has reached levels I never imagined — before, I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without taking a rest. Now I can run a 5K!

I am in the medical field and I now feel like a healthy, happy healthcare worker who can provide the best care for patients without my unhealthy body getting in the way.

I am so proud of the confidence and determination that I have gained from losing the weight, as I feel now that there is nothing that can hold me back.

It’s the little things that have changed the most: I can walk into any store and buy clothes. I can travel and fit comfortably on an airplane with room to spare.

I fit into my seatbelt in my car. I can sit in any chair without fearing that it will buckle under me. I can play with my niece and nephews for hours without feeling tired. I can literally climb mountains!

I can walk into a room and not feel like everyone is staring at me due to my weight. I went to a theme park and fit into every single roller coaster without fear of being too big to fit.

I feel healthy and strong, and most importantly, I am genuinely both mentally and physically happy.”