No-Bake Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites

No-Bake Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites

There’s something just so perfect about the combination of chocolate + peanut butter + pretzels — creamy cocoa and peanut butter mixed with that lightly salty crunch is hard to beat.

That’s why our recipe magicians came up with these No-Bake Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites made with Shakeology.

Chocolate Shakeology (whey or plant-based vegan) mixed with peanut butter and oats envelop semi-sweet chocolate chips and crunchy pretzel chunks for a snack that will be hard to resist.

Shakeology Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites on a plate

Shakeology Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites ingredients

Shakeology Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites on a plate
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Shakeology Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites

Course Snack
Keyword Chocolate Shakeology
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 1 hr 5 mins
Servings 6 servings, 1 bite each
Calories 159 kcal
Author Beachbody


  • Parchment paper
  • 2 Tbsp. semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • cup dry rolled oats
  • cup/85g all-natural peanut butter
  • 1 scoop/40g Chocolate Whey (or Chocolate Plant-Based Vegan) Shakeology
  • 1 packet/25g 100 calorie pretzels (approx. ½ cup)


  1. Line a small baking sheet with parchment paper; set aside

  2. Place chocolate chips in a small microwave-safe bowl; microwave in high for 1 minute, or until melted. Set aside.

  3. Add oats, Shakeology, and peanut butter to small mixing bowl; stir to combine. Crush pretzels into large chunks; add to Shakeology mixture. Using clean hands, incorporate pretzels into mixture. Form into 6 balls, approximately 2 Tbsp. each. Place on prepared sheet.

  4. Dip a fork into melted chocolate; drizzle over balls. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days, or freeze for up to 1 month.

Recipe Notes

Vegetarian (VG)

The Nutrition Facts box below provides estimated nutritional information for this recipe.*

*Total Sugars 3 g, Added Sugars 2 g

Nutrition Facts
Shakeology Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites
Amount Per Serving (1 serving)
Calories 159 Calories from Fat 72
% Daily Value*
Fat 8g12%
Saturated Fat 2g13%
Cholesterol 2mg1%
Sodium 74mg3%
Carbohydrates 13g4%
Fiber 2g8%
Sugar 3g3%
Protein 7g14%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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Container Equivalents
½ Yellow
3 tsp.

2B Mindset Plate It!
Enjoy as an occasional treat. Be sure to track it.

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Shakeology Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites on a plate