RevAbs® – FAQ


Who is it for?
RevAbs is an introductory to intermediate program. It’s based around the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, however, it doesn’t require an interest in it or great coordination, to be an effective training program. It’s a solid training program that’s easy enough for most beginners, yet hard enough for fit folks to still get a good workout. The program ramps way up, especially with the extra workouts.

What equipment does it require?
You can begin the program with just some resistance bands, but as it advances more gear is suggested, such as a door attachment, stability ball, chin-up bar and ab straps, a Chin-Up Max (to get the most out of pull-ups), and PowerStands® (to get the most out of push-ups). As usual with Beachbody programs, a mat is always nice.

Will I get a six-pack with RevAbs?
As with any program, a visible six-pack is a reflection of your body’s fitness and body fat percentage. The program does come with a nutrition plan, for the fastest possible results. And capoeira movements engage your abs full-time, so your core muscles will be hard as a rock in no time.

How do I tell if I’m engaging my core?
Brett covers this in lesson one, after which it will be easy to tell, especially as the moves become more advanced and you need your core for balance.

I’m uncoordinated. Will I be able to do RevAbs?
Yes, for sure. The program is based on capoeira, which requires a huge amount of coordination, but it’s not capoeira. It’s training modified so that anyone without limited movement can do it. Even then, you can modify. You will not be a capoeira expert at the end of RevAbs. You’ll just be super-fit.

Can I do another Beachbody nutrition plan with RevAbs and still get results?
Certainly. All Beachbody nutrition plans are good, no-nonsense nutrition, except for cutting diets, but their limitations are spelled out and they work well with RevAbs. If you like the convenience of the 21 Day Fix plan, it also works great with RevAbs.

I missed a week due to vacation/work travel/sickness. Where do I start from today?
Missing a few days is no big deal. Just jump back into your program where you left off. After about five or six days off, your body is fully recovered and very strong, and you actually have the ability to hurt yourself by breaking down your fast-twitch muscle fibers. This can make you too sore to work out for over a week. If you’ve missed more than five days, start slow on your first day back, maybe doing a third to a half of your normal workout and ramp up little by little, taking about a week to get back to where you left off.

What’s the perfect next step?
You’ll be fit enough after RevAbs to begin any Beachbody program. We recommend you take a little time off just maintaining your results, as your body will continue to get results from the program as it recovers from the rigors of six days per week.

What is maintenance work?
It’s much harder to get into shape than it is to maintain that shape once you get there. You can generally maintain a level pretty close to peak fitness with about half the volume of your program. To maintain, you can utilize many different forms of training but the easiest is often 3–4 days per week of the program you just finished. It will decline slowly over time, but you’ll probably start another program or activity to pick up the slack after awhile.