PiYo® – FAQ


Who is it for?
PiYo is for almost anybody who needs to get in shape and is interested in the concept of combining Pilates and yoga. It’s an introductory/intermediate program, meaning both first-time exercisers and those with a fitness base can benefit from it.

What equipment does it require?
While not technically essential, you’ll want a yoga mat. Really.

Is PiYo pretty much just Pilates and yoga combined?
Not at all, unless you throw Chalene into the mix. It uses elements from both of these practices, but in ways you’ve likely not seen before, and then it blends them into a cardio and strengthening program for higher-energy workouts.

Should I wear shoes during this workout or is barefoot best?
Barefoot is great if your body can handle it because it will strengthen your foot muscles, making shoes less and less necessary. However, if you have any type of foot ailment that makes it more comfortable for you to wear shoes, you will absolutely still benefit from the program.

Will this program help me lose weight or should I add other workouts?
The entire test group lost some weight, and Success Stories roll in daily. As long as you work hard and use the nutrition program (we can’t emphasize this enough) you will lose weight, if that is your goal. An important note is that this program builds a great fitness base for those who need to lose weight as well as for those who don’t.

If I need a low-impact workout, is PiYo the best fit for me?
Yes. PiYo is one of the lowest-impact workouts Beachbody has made.

What if my wrist hurts doing some of the moves? Am I doing something wrong?
It’s pretty common for people who are new to yoga to experience some wrist pain. You need to go at your own pace as your body adapts. Here are some exercises that you can do to help speed up the process.

What’s the best mat I should be using?
Any reliable, nonskid yoga mat will work.

What are the benefits of increasing your flexibility with a program like PiYo?
The benefits of increased flexibility are many, but some of the more important ones include a reduced risk of injury and the ability to get deeper into the moves of your workout, which translate to quicker results.

Is PiYo a safe program to do while pregnant?
You should always consult your doctor before starting a workout program while pregnant. However, the general rule is that if you’ve done it recently or are in the middle of the program, you should be okay. But if you’ve not done it before, no, we don’t recommend starting it while pregnant.

Can I do the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan with PiYo?
Yes, just swap out the Get Lean Eating Plan for the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan.

I missed a week due to vacation/work travel/sickness. Where do I start from today?
Missing a few days is no big deal. Just jump back into your program where you left off. After about five or six days off, your body is fully recovered and very strong, and you actually have the ability to hurt yourself by breaking down your fast-twitch muscle fibers. This can make you too sore to work out for over a week. If you’ve missed more than five days, start slow on your first day back, maybe doing a third to a half of your normal workout and ramp up little by little, taking about a week to get back to where you left off.

What’s the perfect next step?
Anything. Your body’s baseline fitness will be strong after PiYo, which means you can push it harder with a reduced risk of injury. So pick your next program based on your goals or interests. We always recommend a little maintenance work after a full program, just to allow microtrauma to heal and your fitness to peak.

What is maintenance work?
It’s much harder to get into shape than it is to maintain that shape once you get there. You can generally maintain a level pretty close to peak fitness with about half the volume of your program. To maintain, you can utilize many different forms of training but the easiest is often 3–4 days per week of the program you just finished. It will decline slowly over time, but you’ll probably start another program or activity to pick up the slack after awhile.

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