How to Do the Mule Kick

How to Do the Mule Kick

If you’re looking for some of the best exercises for burning fat, look no further than the animal kingdom. The bear crawl, spider lunge, crab walk—if you’ve ever one of these primal exercises, you know that they work your entire body, including your heart. Well, the mule kick might be the most metabolic of them all. Each time you kick your legs into the air, you engage not only your entire core, but also your shoulders, hips, and muscles throughout your legs. And moving all of that metabolically active tissue shifts your cardiovascular system into overdrive. Ready to give it a try? Follow along with Jabari in the video below as he demonstrates perfect form.

Exercise Instructions for the Mule Kick

Muscles targeted: Core

Featured in: P90X2, available on Beachbody on Demand.

Get down on all fours with your arms straight, your knees bent 90 degrees above the floor, and your back flat. Brace your core, shift your weight onto your hands, and kick your feet up into the air, spreading them wide as you extend your legs. Land softly, reset, and repeat.

Make it easier: Perform the move with your hands elevated on a box or bench.

Make it harder: Increase the speed and/or height of each kick.

Bonus tip: This is one of those moves for which you’re going to want a good deal of space. Make sure that no one is behind you and that your workout area is clear before you begin the exercise.