10 Healthy Ways to Enjoy Your Holiday Favorites

10 Healthy Ways to Enjoy Your Holiday Favorites

Beachbody Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese shares her tips for staying on track with your healthy eating for the holidays.

“It’s not one meal that throws us off track. You can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and be fine. It’s when you eat Thanksgiving dinner for a week or it’s when you start celebrating the season in September,” she says.

Take it from the creator of Beachbody’s FIXATE cooking show and Portion Fix nutrition program, you can still enjoy the flavors and fun of the holidays!

Her advice? Celebrate in moderation and make some smart substitutions on your favorite recipes.

For example, swap the fried onions and creamy onion soup combo for a tasty mix of cipollini onions, garlic, seasoning, and olive oil.

In the video below, Autumn shares her three favorite recipes and the staples she keeps on hand in the fridge or pantry that can help you to make healthier choices throughout the season.

You can get Autumn’s recipes for turkey meatballs, green bean casserole, no-bake pumpkin pies, and much more through her Beachbody nutrition series and FIXATE cookbook.

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