19 Things You Don’t Know About Chris Downing

19 Things You Don’t Know About Chris Downing

SHIFT SHOP Super Trainer Chris Downing has trained sports teams and pro athletes, so he knows how to motivate people so they can get real results.

So, what motivates Chris?

And more importantly, what’s his favorite food? What song puts him in a good mood? And is there anything he’s bad at?!

Chris answered 19 of our burning questions — keep reading to find out his idea of a perfect meal, his guilty pleasure, and the best advice he’s ever gotten!

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What You Don’t Know About Me… By Chris Downing:

1. My favorite food is: Gluten-free paleo pancakes

2. My least favorite food is: I like everything!

3. My idea of a perfect meal is: Pancakes, turkey bacon, and avocado

4. What motivates me when I’m not in the mood to work out or eat healthy: My motivational videos on my YouTube Channel!

5. My guilty pleasure: Indiana Kettlecorn Popcorn

6. One thing I’m exceptionally good at: Bringing out the best in others

7. One thing I’m exceptionally bad at: Singing!

8. How I clear my head after a crappy day: I rarely have crappy days because I can’t see myself allowing someone to control 18 to 24 hours of my day in a negative way.

I always strive each and every day to be a better person today than I was the day prior. If I’m having a tough moment “during” the day, I immediately go to meditation and words of affirmation to protect and redirect my energy to the proper mindset I need to continue to bring out the best in myself and others.

9. The song (or type of music) that always puts me in a good mood: Music that evokes emotion, like “Stepping Stone” by Eminem

10. The talent I would most like to have: Singing 

11. Who I admire and why: My kids because they are stress-free. They’re living a life I never did as a child. I absolutely love the freedom in them to be a child because it’s something I’ve never experienced.

They know I believe in them. They also believe they can become anything they set their minds to. It’s so cool to watch them wake up every day happy, just wanting a hug or a kiss. To me that’s life. 

12. The most overrated virtue is: Self-discipline/balance. Too little self-control makes you impulsive, easily distracted, and prone to dangerous risks. But too much self-control can be a cause of misery, too, because you can become overly obsessive. So, yeah, it comes back to self-discipline/balance.

13. The quality/qualities I most admire in someone: Humbleness and the desire to make others around you better while being successful

14. The things I most value in my friends: Their loyalty to me. They only see me as Chris and I love that. 

15. Three qualities that have gotten me to where I am today: My faith, my personality, my drive

16. The best advice I’ve ever gotten: To ALWAYS lead with my heart. Never chase or pursue money; chase people and success is inevitable.

17. How would you describe yourself: A very passionate person who’s living out his purpose to empower, love, and inspire ALL mankind

18. My idea of perfect happiness: Living out my purpose, maximizing my potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially so that I’m able to give my kids the BEST version of me

19. What always puts me in a good mood: When I take a moment to reflect on gratitude and everything I’ve had to overcome during this lifetime. It’s pretty humbling to reflect on all the people who helped me get here. So thank you to each and every person who played a part in helping me become the BEST Chris Downing I’ve ever been.