Brazil Butt Lift – FAQ


Who is it for?
Almost anyone can do Brazil Butt Lift. While it’s targeted to women, men who are so inclined will also strengthen their hip/pelvic region, which makes your body both stronger and much harder to injure.

What equipment does it require?
No outside equipment. It comes with an exercise band.

Will this program make my butt smaller?
It’s designed to do the opposite, given it targets not only your gluteus maximus, like most training programs, but your gluteus medius and minimus, as well as all of the muscles in the pelvic girdle. However, it also burns body fat, so it’s possible your butt will both shrink and lift. More below.

Will this program make my butt bigger?
It depends on your butt. The goal isn’t to change the size of your butt as much as lift it, make it firmer, and look better. The muscles will grow but if you have extra body fat, it might shrink as you lose weight. A third thing that might happen is that you put on muscle before you lose the fat. If this happens, it may appear that your rear is getting fatter. It’s not. The muscle is just pushing out the fat and as you continue, the fat should drop away, leaving you with a sexy Brazilian bum-bum.

Any advice on how to help the soreness in my legs the next day?
Stretch or foam roll either after your workout or before hitting the sack. Also, drink a recovery drink immediately following any hard workout. Your body loves to repair muscle at this point, so by doing this, you’ll assure it has all the protein building blocks it needs to do this right.

Is this workout good if I have bad knees?
Bad knees is a tricky one. Brazil Butt Lift is relatively easy on the knees and if you can do the program your knees will become much stronger. The pelvic girdle muscles targeted in this program help your knees track better, greatly reducing stress on them. You should have you doctor’s clearance, regardless, or you risk hurting them further.

Will it hit other muscles besides my legs? Should I get another program for upper body?
It’s a full-body training program but it won’t add much muscle size to your upper body. If that is your goal you can easily supplement upper-body training to the program.

Can I do the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan with Brazil Butt Lift?
Yes, just swap out the Bootylicious Meal Plan for the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan.

I missed a week due to vacation/work travel/sickness. Where do I start from today?
Missing a few days is no big deal. Just jump back into your program where you left off. After about five or six days off, your body is fully recovered and very strong, and you actually have the ability to hurt yourself by breaking down your fast-twitch muscle fibers. This can make you too sore to work out for over a week. If you’ve missed more than five days, start slow on your first day back, maybe doing a third to a half of your normal workout and ramp up little by little, taking about a week to get back to where you left off.

What’s the perfect next step?
You should be fit enough to try almost any of Beachbody’s intermediate programs, like ChaLEAN Extreme, TurboFire, or even P90X3. We recommend that you take a short break of maintenance work before moving into your next hard program.

What is maintenance work?
It’s much harder to get into shape than it is to maintain that shape once you get there. You can generally maintain a level pretty close to peak fitness with about half the volume of your program. To maintain, you can utilize many different forms of training but the easiest is often 3–4 days per week of the program you just finished. It will decline slowly over time, but you’ll probably start another program or activity to pick up the slack after awhile.