The Good Life Master Class With Jonathan Fields

The Good Life Master Class With Jonathan Fields

Philosophers have debated it for centuries. Scientists have collected and reviewed mountains of data. Experts like Jonathan Fields, host of two top-ranked podcasts (Good Life Project® and SPARKED™), have dedicated decades to digging deeper into one very important and widely pondered question. 

What does it mean to live a good life?

In The Good Life Master Class, Jonathan Fields will share the science of what it takes to really live a good life, distilling his decades of knowledge and wisdom into simple steps you can follow daily.

Who Is Jonathan Fields?

Dad, husband, award-winning author, and serial entrepreneur Jonathan Fields executive produces and hosts two of the top-ranked podcasts in the world.

No matter your passion, he has shared the mic with one of your heroes, from Matthew McConaughey to Bishop Michael Curry, Jameela Jamil to Yung Pueblo, Peter Frampton to Mark Manson. Need we go on?

Well, obviously we must because he’s also talked with Brené Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, and so many more.

Now that we’ve gotten the name drop out of the way, Fields has also founded a series of companies focused on human potential.

Currently, he serves as CEO of Spark Endeavors where he developed the groundbreaking Sparketype® Assessment, to identify, embrace, and cultivate work that makes people come alive.

He’ll introduce us to our Good Life Buckets and show us how to keep them full. Check out the trailer to get a taste of what this class will offer you.

Vitality, Connection, and Contribution

Together, we will discover the importance of keeping our Vitality, Connection, and Contribution buckets full, as well as tips for how to do so.

We will discover:

  • An easy way to look at the life you’re living.
  • A quick assessment to figure out what’s working and what’s not.
  • Clear direction on where to focus your energy to make things better.
  • Actionable strategies that will help keep your buckets full and your life extraordinary.
  • A series of good life practices, so you can start filling your Good Life Buckets, one drop a day.

If centuries of philosophy, mountains of data, and decades of expert exploration have taught us one thing, it’s that each of us can lead an extraordinary life if we know what’s involved and have tools to help us along the way.

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