Beachbody Results: This Mom Lost 35 Pounds and Won $500!

Beachbody Results: This Mom Lost 35 Pounds and Won $500!

Ellie Usey lost 35 lbs. with a variety of Beachbody fitness programs, Shakeology, and the Beachbody Performance supplements. She entered her results into the Beachbody Challenge, and won the $500 Daily Prize for September 30th!

Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?
I had already been on my fitness journey for about one-and-a-half years with Beachbody. As I started to grow content, I knew I needed a scary challenge, so I signed up for the Beachbody classic at Coach Summit in July. After losing 30 lbs, I was happy with my body, but I just couldn’t find that drive to push myself and began slipping backwards. I knew I wanted to lean out more, gain more muscle definition, and drop an extra couple of pounds.

What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey?
I had a rough few years from 2011 to 2014. I had two babies and two C-sections. I was also in a car accident that broke my femur and left me with a permanent metal rod, and I had to learn how to walk again.Then, the tragic death of my mother-in-law to cancer. I was feeling depressed, and I coped with these feelings by eating. I hid from the camera and when forced to take pictures, I just hid my body behind the closest person. One day, I saw a picture of myself in a bathing suit. I couldn’t hide from it, and I couldn’t lie to myself any longer. I was completely hurt by what I saw, and it was so painful to see myself that way. At that moment, I realized that it consumed more energy and was much more painful to remain the same than to just figure out a way to do something about it!

What is the greatest challenge you faced before beginning the program? How did the program and Beachbody help you overcome that challenge?
Although physical therapy taught me how to walk again, it didn’t teach me how to jump, bend, and stretch. I had to start slowly and work with my leg, resting when I needed to. But soon enough, my leg was not only completely normal but better than ever. And now my once broken leg is actually stronger than my good leg!

What in particular did you like about the program you chose?
I loved the heavy lifting. It’s so different than anything I have ever tried and quite refreshing!

Describe the results you achieved with your Beachbody program. Which achievements are you proud of?
Thanks to Beachbody programs (FOCUS T25, 21 Day Fix, P90X3, INSANITY MAX:30, 21 Day Fix EXTREME, PiYo, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, Body Beast, and 3-Day Refresh), I’ve lost 30 lbs. I have always had bulkier legs (“thunder thighs”), and this program completely leaned them out, as well as my midsection.

Beachbody Results: This Mom Lost 35 Pounds and Won $500!

How has your life changed since completing your Beachbody program?
It has been a game-changer, and I am honestly a completely different and more positive person. I have more energy than ever, am much more positive, and am in the best shape of my life! My entire family is now much more focused in a healthier direction. I no longer hide from mirrors or cameras, and shopping is so much fun again!

How did participating in a Challenge Group help you reach your goals? How did your group support you and keep you accountable?
I led the Challenge Group I was in. It forced me to lead by example and kept me accountable.

How did your Team Beachbody Coach support you on your journey? 
My Coach is amazing. She is such a vibrant source of energy and positivity. She cheered me on the entire way.

How did a Beachbody supplement, nutritional product, or program (such as Shakeology or Beachbody Ultimate Reset) support your transformation? What are the greatest benefits you gained? Did you see benefits to your energy, sleep, mood/mental clarity, or digestion/regularity?
Shakeology gave me energy and helped me dramatically with my cravings.2 I attribute being able to wean off of my addiction to soft drinks to Shakeology alone!2 Energize made it possible for me to get in 4:30 AM workouts before my kids were awake and my busy workday started.

Results vary depending on starting point and effort.
3Always consult with your physician about your unique medical needs before starting any fitness program or nutrition product.
2These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.