Online Pregnancy Workouts with Autumn Calabrese

Online Pregnancy Workouts with Autumn Calabrese

Are you a mom-to-be? If you’re looking to stay fit during your pregnancy, make sure to check out the prenatal workouts designed by Autumn Calabrese, mom and creator of the 21 Day Fix.

Before you begin any of these online pregnancy workouts, make sure to check with your doctor and be cleared to exercise.

The series of four workouts (so far) includes three prenatal workouts (one for each trimester) and one postnatal workout.

The workout designed for the first trimester focuses on building a solid foundation through a series of eight movements.

It will help you tone muscles, increase circulation and endurance, and get your body ready to bring your baby into the world.

The weighted movements engage your lower body, upper body, and core. If the weights become too heavy, simply put them aside and do the moves without them.

Some of these moves test your balance but don’t be concerned if you feel like it’s all over the place. Autumn explains that this may happen as your body is rapidly changing.

But as your baby grows and as you progress with these online pregnancy workouts, you should begin to gain a better awareness of your body and get better at balancing.

Watch the video below for a look at the workout. Once you’re through the first trimester, continue to follow along with the rest of the Active Maternity series.

For access to the full-length workouts on Beachbody On Demand (now BODi), you can log in or sign up here.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!