7 Valentine’s Day Shakeology Recipes

7 Valentine’s Day Shakeology Recipes

Shakeology, be mine! We love Shakeology so much, we’re making it our Valentine’s Day drink (and dessert) of choice.

So, spread the love and make one of these yummy — and healthy! — Shakeology recipes to share with someone special.

(Don’t have Shakeology yet? Get your favorite flavors here.)

Try These Valentine’s Day Smoothie Recipes

Double Berry Shakeology

Our hearts beat a little faster when we think of this delicious pink smoothie with sweet raspberries and strawberries. Get the recipe.

Double Berry Shakeology

Triple Chocolate Shakeology

If your Valentine loves chocolate, let this chocolate smoothie – with extra chocolate and then even more chocolate – take the place of that heart-shaped box of candy that never tastes very good anyway. Get the recipe.

Triple Chocolate Shakeology smoothie recipe

Strawberry Sea Salt Shakeology

A little bit salty, a little bit sweet, and totally delicious. Get the recipe.

Strawberry Sea Salt Shakeology

Tiramisu Shakeology

We made a tempting shake with the flavors of our favorite date-night dessert! Get the recipe.

Two glasses of Tiramisu Shakeology smoothie with Café Latte Shakeology and cocoa powder and red and white straws.

Neapolitan Shakeology with Strawberries

Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla Shakeology blend perfectly to taste like Neapolitan ice cream. Get the recipe.

Neapolitan Shakeology Recipe

Shakeology Mocha Mousse

You can’t go wrong when you woo your beloved with chocolate mousse. Get the recipe.

Shakeology Mocha Mousse

Strawberry Valentine

This strawberry and Greenberry Shakeology smoothie is sweet and pink, just like a Valentine. Get the recipe.

Strawberry Valentine Shakeology

7 Valentine's Day Shakeology Recipes