19 Choses Que Vous Ignorez Sur Shaun T

19 Choses Que Vous Ignorez Sur Shaun T

The Shaun T. Beachbody Super Trainer is full of energy, motivating, tireless and always impressive.

We were fortunate to sit with him and get answers to some burning questions.

Discover his an ideal meal, his guilty pleasures and what brought him where he is today.

What you don’t know about me … by Shaun T: 

1. My favorite dish: French fries.

2. The dish I hate: Raw vegetables.

3. My ideal meal: My ideal healthy meal consists of sweet potatoes, pork ribs, even more sweet potatoes and then either spinach or asparagus. The meal that I like but is not ideal: fries, a Philadelphia style beef and cheese roll, with fried onions, salt, pepper, mayonnaise and ketchup. Oh. My. God.

4. My motivation when I don’t feel like training or eating healthy: Resting motivates me.

5. My guilty pleasure: I never feel guilty, for nothing, really, but … horror movies, amusement parks and the “funnel cake.”

6. My strong point: I am very creative.

7. My weak point: The acting.

8. How I change my mind after a bad day: Going to the spa.

9. The song or the style of music that always puts me in a good mood: (He starts to sing … ” Oh, I wanna dance with somebody / I wanna feel the heat …” ) Mmh … Whitney Houston, it works every time!

10. The talent I would like to have: The acting.

11. Who I admire and why: Serena Williams, because she is impressive. She challenged luck in so many ways.

12. The qualities I most admire in a person: Honesty, which for me means staying true and authenticity.

13. What I value most in my friends: Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty.

14. Three qualities that made me who I am today: Authenticity, flexibility and honesty.

15. The changes I would like to see in my sector: I would like to see more authenticity, less interest for the body and more for the spirit.

16. The best advice I have been given: My grandfather always told me to do everything to be at my best.

17. The best advice I would give someone: Be 100% authentic with yourself.

18. My greatest achievement: I believe that my greatest achievement so far is to have been recognized as a former student emeritus of my university [Rowan University], because it is still something important.

19. My ideal day: Getting up, drinking a coffee, playing tennis, having lunch, training, getting a massage, going to the movies, then going to bed around 8:30 p.m.

P.S. Shaun, you can add the song to question 6!