May 1-26

Shaun T is back with cardio and strength workouts that free you to push to your own limits. Unlock the FOCUS T25 Super Block and you’ll also unlock Shaun’s first-ever B25 cycle and strength block.

It’s About Time

Join Shaun T for the FOCUS T25 + B25 Super Blocks - available to purchase now. BODi membership required.

Week 1

Week 1: Cardio
with Shaun T

Welcome to the T25 Super Block—and the next step on your Health Esteem journey! This workout features eight exercise progressions that will have your sweat pouring and muscles burning. It’s tough, but Shaun will make sure you sweat with a smile.

Week 1: Lower Focus
with Shaun T

Grab your weights and focus low—it’s leg day! This workout targets your glutes, quads, hams, and calves to help you build strength and power from the bottom up.

Week 1: Dynamic Core
with Shaun T

This total body cardio session will have you dripping in sweat and set your core on fire! It’s 25 minutes of muscle-burning fun, and when you’re done, you’ll feel strong, empowered, and hungry for more.

Week 1: Upper Focus
with Shaun T

Slow things down to accelerate your gains. This workout focuses on your upper half to help you build the pushing and pulling power you need to boost your performance in your workouts and in everyday life.

Week 1: Total Body Climb
with Shaun T

This mashup contains four blocks of work that represent your other weekly workouts—and each one builds in intensity to challenge your fitness and maximize your results. Every rep brings you closer to your goals, so stay focused and hold nothing back!

Week 2

Week 2: Cardio
with Shaun T

It’s the same format as last week, but Shaun switches up the exercises to elevate the challenge and fast track your results. Give him everything you’ve got to reach your goals in record time.

Week 2: Lower Focus
with Shaun T

If you enjoyed last week’s Lower Focus, you’ll love today’s workout. Get ready for another fun-filled leg session that’s full of surprises—and results.

Week 2: Dynamic Core
with Shaun T

Your core will have to work extra hard today thanks to unique cardio moves that target every muscle between your legs and shoulders—the center of your body’s strength and power.

Week 2: Upper Focus
with Shaun T

Today’s mission: strengthen your arms, back, shoulders, and chest with some of Shaun’s favorite upper body moves. Grab your weights and make every rep count to maximize your gains.

Week 2: Total Body Climb
with Shaun T

The moves in each exercise block increase in intensity, but as the challenge grows, so does the fun. Keep up with Shaun for a head-to-toe workout that leaves no muscle untouched—and you fitter than ever.

Week 3

Week 3: Cardio
with Shaun T

You know the drill, and it’s time to sweat. Follow Shaun’s lead and emphasize good form to squeeze the most from every rep in this fun, high-energy cardio session.

Week 3: Lower Focus
with Shaun T

Today will be your biggest lower body burn yet. Shaun encourages you to challenge yourself; you’re strong, but your drive and commitment are even stronger, so give every rep all you’ve got.

Week 3: Dynamic Core
with Shaun T

Your abs will be on fire by the time you finish this core-focused workout. Get ready for a total-body burn that chisels your middle and demonstrates how strong you’ve become.

Week 3: Upper Focus
with Shaun T

It’s time to target your upper half again, but this time, Shaun switches up the moves to put your strength and endurance to the test. It’s a fun, fat-blasting 25 minutes that will show you the difference that just three weeks with Shaun can make.

Week 3: Total Body Climb
with Shaun T

Congratulations—it’s your final climb! Feel how strong you’ve become and enjoy the power, stamina, and focus you’ve built. As you look ahead to your UP (unconditional progress) week, consider which BODi or Super Block you’ll do next!

UP Week

UP Week: Delta Challenge
with Shaun T

This core focused workout will give you a full body sweat. Over the next 25 minutes, Shaun will challenge you with 3 blocks of work using some of his favorite dynamic movements.

UP Week: Delta Finisher
with Shaun T

After the 5 minute warm up, get ready to power your way through 20 moves in the final 20 minutes of this all out, non-stop workout. Control your intensity but let Shaun inspire you to finish the first round of this Super Block at your absolute best.

Job 1 Super Block: Sample Workout
with Jennifer Jacobs

During this one-on-one training session with Jennifer, you'll target your arms, core, and glutes in just 20 minutes. Grab your weights and get ready to work.