Get a bomb body in 4 weeks with Sophia’s core crushing circuit style bodyweight training program.

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Bodyweight Training, Cardio, HIIT, Strength, Weight Loss

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Sample Workout - Cardio Crush
with Sophia Rose

Discover Sophia's unique training style that works your entire body using just your body.

Get Started with Bomb Body
with Sophia Rose

Learn about Sophia's unique training style which influenced her sizzling 4-Week Bomb Body program!

Meet Sophia
with Sophia Rose

Find out what inspired Sophia to get into fitness, Instagram, and some other fun facts. Plus all the deets you need to know about her 4 week program.

Who Is Bomb Body For?

Sophia’s workouts are graceful, powerful, and primal all at once — perfect for people looking to take their fitness to a new level, with cool-looking moves designed to add strength and tone your entire body. Even better than how good the moves will make you look is the way they’ll make you feel — strong, confident, and in tune with your body.

What Are Sophia's Workouts Like?

Sophia’s workouts look very different from anything you’ve tried. Her mesmerizing workouts are pure motivation in motion, from core-crushing, circuit-style bodyweight routines, to explosive HIIT and plyo moves, she puts the pedal to the floor with the determination of a fighter and the grace of a dancer.


Tools + Equipment

The beauty of this program is that all you need is your body. Follow the calendar and Sophia will show you how to move your body in brand new ways.

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Meet Sophia

As a former professional dancer with boxing training, Sophia's got the grit and grace to make her workouts look easy — but they're far from it. Unlike anything you'll see in a typical fitness routine, expect super-explosive and dynamic plyometric moves with primal fitness and boxing elements that'll make sure you feel the burn.
Meet SophiaMeet Sophia