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What is BODgroups?

Stay accountable to your goals. Connect directly with your accountability Partner and workout buddies—with the greatest fitness and nutrition programs on the planet! OK, we’re a little biased.

How do groups deliver results?

Peer support

Encouragement from your Partner and other participants


Access thousands of workouts on BODi

Activity tracking

See your progress and stay on track

Healthy nutrition

Eating plans and premium supplements like Shakeology

“There were definitely days I wanted to cheat or skip but I knew my group and Partner were going to be waiting for me. I had their support and encouragement and it held me more accountable than doing it alone.”

Ashley W. | Lost 18 lbs.

Results vary based on starting point, effort, and following BODi's exercise and healthy eating plan.

Check it out…

Join a group

It’s easy to see which group your Partner is running. All you have to do is say, “I’m in and ready for a new challenge.”

Share every success

Post your sweaty selfies and give the thumbs up when your fitfam does the same. BODgroups is focused on people helping people succeed.

Track your progress

Log your workouts, nutrition, and progress. You’ll stick with it when you experience real consistency.

Every day is a “win”

Celebrate the small victories and pile up the big wins. BODgroups have already helped millions of people just like you get incredible results. We don’t kid around (unless it’s a kids workout program).

Your BODgroups questions answered

A group is a fun and engaging community hosted within our BODgroups platform that brings together customers and BODi Partners who are committed to getting healthy and supporting each other to reach their goals through regular check-ins, posts and progress tracking. By connecting to your Partner and other group members, you stay accountable to your goals through support and motivation - and have fun along the way.

You can access your Partner's groups from the BODgroups page of or by tapping the “Groups” icon on the BODi app. There, you can learn more about each group, find any group-specific requirements, and request to join one. Don’t have a BODi Partner? Create a free BODi account and we’ll connect you with a Partner.

If you’re new to BODi, you will first need to create a new BODi account, at which point you’ll be connected with a free accountability Partner. If you’re already connected to a Partner, you’re all set. You can access your Partner's groups, learn more about each one and request to join one from the BODgroups page of or by accessing the “Groups” icon on the Beachbody On Demand app. While access to the BODgroups platform is free, you should check your Partner's groups for any additional group-specific requirements that they may have.

With your own personal Partner, you’ll have access to the support, motivation and encouragement that will help keep you accountable to reaching your health and fitness goals. It’s a fact that people who can rely on a strong system of support are more likely to succeed at their fitness and nutrition programs.

Group duration varies and can be found within the group information. Partner may choose to run groups for one round of a specific fitness or nutrition program while others may choose to keep the group open with no end date to help offer ongoing support.

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