Get ready to train with a team of professional stuntwomen with the actual moves they use to get ready for their roles. It’s demanding and it’s designed to work your body in ways you’ve never worked it before, but the results are worth it.

Cardio + HIIT

Karate Kardio
with Caitlin Dechelle

Kick your calorie-burning into high gear with martial arts-inspired cardio intervals designed to maximize fat loss, build strength and strong abs.

Street Dance Cardio
with Anisha Gibbs

Let loose, have fun, and burn tons of calories with this dance-based cardio routine set to jazz-funk and Afrobeats.

HIIT Where It Counts
with Michelle Jubilee

You’ll need dumbbells and a fun-loving attitude to complete this heart-pounding, muscle-burning, fat-incinerating HIIT workout.

Total Body Shred
with Amy Johnston

You’ll need some pre-workout to finish this intense, total-body resistance workout designed to increase strength, power, and definition all over.

Superhero Cardio
with Amy Johnston

This intense cardio meltdown will leave you feeling like a superhero. Fight your way through the main workout using kicks and punches you’ve seen in the movies, then attack the burnout at the end to torch even more fat.

with Thekla Hutyrova

You don’t need weights for this fast-paced workout, —your body weight provides all of the resistance you need to build muscle, burn fat, and work up a killer sweat.


Total Body Killer Core
with Corinne van Ryck deGroot

You’ll feel the burn in your legs, chest, back, and arms as you sweat through four rounds of exercises designed to build strength, torch fat, and carve head-turning abs.

Core Incinerator
with Michelle Jubilee

Hold nothing back during this intense, core-shredding routine. Your abs will be begging for mercy by the time you’re done.

with Thekla Hutyrova

You’ll alternate between core work and high-intensity cardio in this ab-sculpting, fat-incinerating, total-body workout that’s sure to make you sweat.

Karate Core
with Caitlin Dechelle

You’ll target every muscle in your core as you focus on your balance and stability during muscle-burning kicks, punches, and static holds.


Fight Fit
with Amy Johnston

The MMA-inspired bodyweight exercises in this circuit-training workout will help you build the lean, shredded body of pro fighter.

Booty Building Boxing
with Corinne van Ryck deGroot

Alternate between boxing combos and butt-sculpting moves like squats and lunges to get fighting fit—and a firmer booty.

MMA Dance Cardio
with Anisha Gibbs

This kick-ass dance routine is just what you need to become a lean, mean fighting machine.

Burn Like a Boss
with Michelle Jubilee

Grab a pair of dumbbells and prepare to sweat your way to a leaner, more defined body with fast-paced circuits that shift your calorie-burn into overdrive.

Power Resistance
with Caitlin Dechelle

A combination of plyometric, martial arts, and classic strength-training moves will help you build muscle and explosive power from head to toe.


Fight Flow
with Michelle Jubilee

This relaxing recovery session uses a combination of yoga, qi gong, and martial arts to help refresh your body and mind.

Revive and Restore
with Caitlin Dechelle

A series of static and dynamic stretches will help you ease muscle tension, increase blood flow, and enhance total-body mobility for a faster, more complete recovery.