The perfect mix of metabolic strength training with high-intensity interval training to burn fat, build strength, and sculpt every inch of your body without bulking up!

Program Overview






Works well for

Strength, Muscle Building, Core, Cardio

Equipment needed

Dumbbells (Light, Medium, Heavy), Mat*

* Optional

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Sample Workout - Strong 1
with Kelsey Heenan

Training with Kelsey means working your whole body head to toe with her super effective metabolic strength-training style, designed to get you strong and sculpted.

Get Started with Get Strong
with Kelsey Heenan

Kelsey tells you all about her 4-week Get Strong program and how metabilic strength tranining get sresults without bulking up.

Meet Kelsey
with Kelsey Heenan

Get to know a little about Kelsey, Get Strong and why she is so passionate about strength trainining to help everyone feel empowered.

Is Get Strong With Kelsey Right For Me?

Get Strong with Kelsey is for anyone looking to start strength training and doesn’t want to bulk up. We all know the benefits of strength traning and Kelsey shows you how to do it the smart way, the safe way and deliver the results you’re after. Kelsey has some of her fans as cast members and someone is always doing modifications of every move so it’s not just fun, it’s perfect for everyone and every fitness level.

What Are Kelsey's Workouts Like?

The one thing people always say about Kelsey’s workouts is they are so smart and so effective. Kelsey’s knowledge and expertise is metabolic strength training and every workout is designed to be efficient and only takes 30-40 minutes. Expect to focus on weights and to feel the burn but the results will be worth it.

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Tools + Equipment

All you need is 2 sets of weights (light and heavy) and a mat is recommended.

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Meet Kelsey

Certified personal trainer Kelsey discovered the power of strength training to acheive her own goals. She has helped thousands of people get healtheir happier and fit using her nutrition, fitness, and mindset programs.
Meet KelseyMeet Kelsey