Tony Horton’s Explosive Legs and Back Workout

Tony Horton’s Explosive Legs and Back Workout

Today’s Accelerated Series routine from elite trainer Tony Horton is an all-around legs and back workout! You’re going to pull, you’re going to squat, you’re going to lunge, and you’re going to pull some more.

Over the past 25 years, Tony has revolutionized the fitness world through his total-body workouts. People from all over the world—athletes, movie stars, members of the military and Congress—can credit their improved stamina, strength, and extreme body transformations to Tony. And so can you!

“There are six quick, efficient moves that are gonna get ‘er done,” Tony says of the moves in this video. And if you start feeling burned out before you’re even halfway through? “Hell, man, it’s only gravity! Every time you defy it, work against it, you get better and better.”

For these moves you’ll need a strong and secure pull-up bar and dumbbells of varying weights.

This legs and back workout starts with a DS Double L (Deadlift, Squat and Lunges), a move out of P90X3. Tony does this move with 60 pounds of weight in his hands. As with all exercises he emphasizes that you choose a weight that’s appropriate for you.

“Pick a weight that works for you,” he says. “Turn off your ego, so you can come back another day.”

The second move is a switch-grip pull-up, which has you reversing your grip while in the air, like an acrobat.

“You must know what you’re doing because switching your hands in the air is dangerous,” Tony says. “Start trying these pull-ups only when you’re really good at 15 or more regular pull-ups. Be careful. Put a bunch of mattresses on the ground, whatever you gotta do.”

Tony rounds out the workout with plyo lunge presses, lawnmowers, calf raise squats, and V pull-ups, in which you start with a fairly wide grip then bring your chin to your fists on alternating sides.

Sound like a tough legs and back workout? It is. But the results are amazing, and totally worth it.

Make sure you’re warmed up. Then push play to do a legs and back workout along with Tony in a complete, unedited, full workout clip.

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