Spring-Clean Your Body and Mind with Ultimate Reset

Spring-Clean Your Body and Mind with Ultimate Reset

On Wednesday, April 29th, Darin Olien, Shakeology’s Ingredient Hunter and creator of the Ultimate Reset, will embark on a 21-day journey—and he wants you to join him. Take part in his Ultimate Reset Spring-Cleaning SuperLife Challenge to Reset your body and mind, and enter to win prizes! Read 3 Reasons Why You Should Do The Ultimate Reset with Darin This Spring.

The Ultimate Reset is an all-natural alternative to harsh cleanses and starvation diets. It is a 21-day clean-eating program supported with supplements that helps your body release toxins, restore balance, and fortify with clean nutrition. We spend so much time focused on changing our bodies from the outside, the Ultimate Reset is designed to get your body in shape from the inside. Over the course of 21 days, you’ll break away from processed foods and other bad habits and learn new healthy habits that you’ll want to keep for a lifetime.

Darin will be with you every step of the way with tips, video journals, recipes, and support. People will be doing the Ultimate Reset with you all over the country. Join in and stay accountable on the Ultimate Reset Facebook page and Darin’s SuperLife Facebook page to get even more support and help motivate others who are doing the Reset with you!

During the month of April, all Ultimate Reset kits are on sale. When you purchase the Ultimate Reset and sign up for supportive and informative daily emails from Darin by April 22, you’ll also be entered to win prizes!

Darin Olien Superlife Ultimate Reset Challenge