Portion Fix vs. Ultimate Portion Fix: What’s the Difference?

Portion Fix vs. Ultimate Portion Fix: What’s the Difference?

If you’re an Autumn Calabrese fan, a Portion Fix follower, or if you’ve ever done a Beachbody On Demand program, you know those 7 color-coded portion-control containers are #LIFE.

And by now, you’ve probably heard about the Ultimate Portion Fix nutrition program.

But you’re probably asking, “What’s the difference between Portion Fix and Ultimate Portion Fix?”

Portion Fix* gave you the basic tools to master portion control; Ultimate Portion Fix is a 30-day nutrition program with shopping tips, meal preps, tracking tools, hundreds of recipes, and more.

Think of it like this: Ultimate Portion Fix expands on the foundation set by Portion Fix and takes it to the next level with more nutrition information, more support, and more options.

Autumn has refined and clarified her portion-control approach to teach you and your family — including your kids! — how to eat delicious, healthy portions for good.

*Portion Fix is no longer available for purchase.

Check out this handy chart below for a quick comparison:

And that’s just the beginning — you can read more about everything you get with the Ultimate Portion Fix here.

Bottom line: Ultimate Portion Fix is a nutrition program that can help you gain a deeper understanding of nutrition and what it means to eat healthy.

With the information, strategies, and healthy hacks that Ultimate Portion Fix provides, you’ll be able to create a healthy way for you and your family to eat for life.