Could Playing a Game Improve Your Eyesight?

Could Playing a Game Improve Your Eyesight?


According to a recent University of California-Riverside study published in Current Biology, the eyesight of baseball players who played the vision training game UltimEyes improved an average of 31% compared to those who didn’t.

The 19 players who trained four days a week for 25 minutes a day for eight weeks on the app all saw their eyesight improve. In fact, some of them achieved better than 20/20 vision.

Unlike the Bates method (named for ophthalmologist William H. Bates) which focuses on strengthening the eye muscles and has largely been proven to be ineffective, UltimEyes trains the brain. As study author Aaron Seitz told Healthline, “The goal of the program is to train the brain to better respond to the inputs that it gets from the eye,” Seitz said. “As with most other aspects of our function, our potential is greater than our normative level of performance. When we go to the gym and exercise, we are able to increase our physical fitness; it’s the same thing with the brain. By exercising our mental processes we can promote our mental fitness.”

The UltimEyes app is available for most iPads as well as Mac and Windows machines for $5.99. I’m thinking about trying it to improve my myopic vision. What do you think?