How to Do the Crescent Crunch from P90

How to Do the Crescent Crunch from P90

Perfect form is key if you want to prevent injury and maximize your results. This week, Tony Horton demonstrates how to do the crescent crunch from P90!

Watch How to do the Crescent Crunch Below

How to Do the Crescent Crunch

• Stand straight with your feet hip width apart.

• Step back 3-4 feet with your right leg, keeping it as straight as possible, and bend your left knee 90 degrees.

• Making sure your hips are level in all planes and your left knee is directly over your left ankle, raise both arms up straight over your head.

• Keeping your core braced, shift your weight toward your left leg and return to standing as you bring your right knee up toward your chest.

• Grab your right foot with both hands and engage your core, squeezing as you bring in your right knee.

• Step your right leg back into crescent pose and repeat the movement, alternating sides after the desired number of reps.

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