The Mindset Membership: Tips to Lose Weight AND Save Money

The Mindset Membership: Tips to Lose Weight AND Save Money

Update August 2021: 

This September, the Nutrition+ name will be discontinued and will become part of Beachbody’s new premium level tier, BOD Interactive (BODi).

BODi will still include the terrific benefits of a Nutrition+ membership which gives you access to new monthly recipes, meal plans, expert advice, and exclusive communities of people like you — but it now has even more amazing features.

BODi will also stream interactive live and on-demand studio classes for all fitness levels, including indoor cycling, barre, cardio/HIIT, core, strength, boot camp, yoga, Pilates, meditation, plus provide exclusive access to the 2B Mindset and Portion Fix nutrition programs. 

Have questions on Nutrition+ or BODi? Go to FAQ 8646 for more information.

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, part of my job is to educate my clients about health and nutrition and teach them how to make smart food choices.

One of the most common misconceptions I hear about eating healthy food is that it’s too expensive, it takes too much time to cook, and that it just doesn’t taste good.

In this month’s Mindset Membership Topic Video, I explain why that’s just plain wrong!

In fact, by making smart choices (plus using a few clever hacks!), you can actually save money by eating healthier meals. And you can do this all while losing weight with my 2B Mindset program.

But if you’re thinking to yourself, “Saving money is great, I just don’t have the time for it,” — I get it.

If you’ve got a family and a full-time job, it’s not realistic to expect that you’ll be able to cook healthy meals every single day.

That’s why I’ve also got some easy, actionable tips for eating well when eating out.

And don’t get me wrong; I’m not against spending money on food!

There’s definitely value in convenience — as long as you’re prioritizing spending money on things that can help you reach your goals, like pre-cut vegetables or salad kits, not expensive junk food that will derail your progress.

Here are just a couple of examples of how easy and inexpensive it is to make healthy delicious meals at home!

We priced out some common restaurant and takeout meals – pizza, fried rice, taco salad, and ice cream and compared them against healthier, quick 2B Mindset recipe alternatives that are much cheaper (and more delicious, in my opinion!).

2B Mindset Egg White Pizza vs. Restaurant Pizza

Comparison of homemade vs restaurant pizza

Why pay $8-$9 for a small restaurant pizza when you can make my Cheesy Egg White, Kale and Mushroom Pizza for around $3-$4?

You’ll save money and time: Going out to eat seems like it might save you some time (no shopping, no cooking, right?)

But by the time you get everyone to the restaurant, order, sit around and wait, you could by noshing on this easy, healthy pizza that you can make with ingredients that are probably sitting in your kitchen right now.

2B Mindset Cauliflower Fried Rice vs. Restaurant Fried Rice

Homemade fried rice vs. restaurant fried rice

My recipe for Cauliflower Fried Rice costs around $3, compared to vegetable fried rice dish for $7 or $8 at a Chinese chain restaurant.

Pro tip: You can find this recipe under “Veggie Side Recipes” in the 2B Mindset Base Program.

2B Mindset Taco Salad vs. Restaurant Salad

Homemade taco salad vs. restaurant taco salad

A salad for lunch is healthy, right? But if you’re buying a salad from a restaurant, you may end up spending anywhere from $12 to $13. Or you can make this 2B Mindset for a fraction of the cost — around $5 to $6.

Pro tip: You can find this recipe in the Summer Recipes Collection.

2B Mindset Wonder Whips vs. Store-Bought Ice Cream

Greek yogurt dessert vs. ice cream

A family trip to an ice cream or frozen yogurt shop can cost anywhere from $5 to $6 per person, and probably even more once you get done adding all the extras!

Or, you can whip up my chocolatey, coconutty 2B Mindset Greek Yogurt Wonder Whip in 10 minutes!

You can make them for about $2-$3 and they’re so delicious and healthier than store-bought ice cream.

But if you do decide to eat out, I have so many easy restaurant hacks to make your meal so much healthier. (Hint: think “a la carte”!)

I’ve got you covered wherever you are: at the grocery store, at home, the office, traveling, or eating out.