Get Support, Every Step of the Way with a Team Beachbody Coach

Get Support, Every Step of the Way with a Team Beachbody Coach

Many people find they are more likely to achieve their health and fitness goals when they involve others in the process. That’s why Beachbody created a network of free personal Coaches to offer you support to help you reach your goals.

Team Beachbody Coaches started out as customers, just like you, got great results from using Beachbody products and then became Coaches so they could pay their success forward! You can partner with a Coach online or over the phone to help you stay motivated and on track.

Your free Coach supplies the support, motivation, and encouragement that helps keep you accountable to reaching your fitness goals. Your Coach can also connect you with other customers doing Beachbody programs for help and peer support along the way. It’s a fact that people who have strong support systems are more likely to succeed at their fitness programs.

One of the best ways your Coach can help you reach your health and fitness goals is through a Challenge Group. A Challenge Group, led by a Team Beachbody Coach, is a group of people, who have committed to getting healthy and fit by using Beachbody’s proven system of fitness, nutrition and support to help them achieve their goals. In a Challenge Group, you can develop accountability partners to help you stay motivated when your resolve starts to slip or you feel tempted to make unhealthy choices.

To get a free Team Beachbody Coach, go to and ask to join their next Challenge Group.